Thursday, December 30, 2004

happy birthday to me

okla...though i'm really tired, exhausted and sleepy now...i shall still blog right now, simply because.

i have officially turned sixteen today! WOOHOO!!!!

haha.. a lil nuts already..oh wells....too excited....hmm....well this is gonna be a long post so if you aren't in the mood to read then so be it =)
hmm...last night, i was still fussing about with my presentation till bout like 1sth maybe?... i was going through it SOOO many times that even my bro got really irritated at me...haha...oh wells....i didn't want ANYTHING...ANYTHING AT ALL.... to go wrong for the presentation...i may be nothing to some, but it means the world to me!!

well yesterday, when i got back home with tasha, tasha found a letter addressed to me..and it was kinda weird cos i DO NOT get letters...AT ALL... i REALLY rare...maybe once a was from my mei mei...sui hui...she handmade the card...with flowers and looked like one of those A.E.I.O.U. cards...cept i could totally tell it was handmade...with different coloured papers and stickers and all...SOOO cute and pretty!!! was so surprised..i mean i totally didn't expect her to send me a card like that.. so sweet of her!!!

well, last night, i was up messaging jayne and angel...until like one sth...suihui, jayne, angel and tasha wished me this like 12a.m. hehe..then went to sleep...caught bout 4/5 hours of sleep maybe? until my mum came in and woke me up at like 6.30 so i got dressed and everything...then went to pick up angel..then went to school.

at school, set up the laptop and projector and everything then started the powerpoint...and helped out with the registration of form one students...though not many parents actually bothered watching the presentation, but least i DID SOMETHING right right???

then after the whole registration thing, we had prefect meeting which took like forever!!!...hehe....oh new junior..shantini!!! woohooo!! change of junior...BUT it also meant change of duty =(... no more hall duty for me =( .. the reason "you always come so late!!!!" .. hahaha...guess they had a point there...

after that, we went in2 cs...caught up with the rest...had lunch at vivos...AS USUAL....haha...they were so sweet...bought me a bday touched....sob sob...after lunch went shopping for a while..hung out for a while...then we went 2 the cinema....

my bro and ther min was there!!! he kicked me!!! =(.. ish...oh wells...watched meet the was like bloody hilarious...though i still cannot like..comprehend the fact that i actually watched THAT show with my bro...haha...tooo narrow minded maybe?? hmm...

then came back for dinner and all...bath...and here i am...blogging....think i could go into MORE detail than this but im kinda sleepy so maybe i'll like repost tmr or so..then again..doubt anyone would like wanna read it why bother??!!!... hmm...

oh wells..

cassie over and out

p.s. MANYYYYYYYYYYYYYY thanks to all those who made my birthday a really great and memorable and all...thank you so much. i LURVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you guys..eheheh...

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


PAPERCUT!!! YIKES!!! pain pain..okla..not pain...but its bound to be really really pain after a day or two.. when the cut "expands" like how the first one did...and now its RED...oh by the way, if any of you are wondering, the last i counted i have FIVE people!! FIVE PAPERCUTS!!!! oh wells.. pretty much done with my powerpoint presentation for thursday with the exception, i don't have the school staff picture...tasha is having it. she's supposed to help me scan it together with my neo prints...hehe..

hmm...was out pretty much the whole day today...firstly went to school with angel, xin and tasha.... to get summore pics..hehe...bought angel's textbooks....then we went to cs to have lunch...went 2 sushi king...yum yum!! then we went over 2 tasha's place....wrapped tasha's and angel's books...then mama lim..aka aunty grace, bought or rather..ordered loads and loads and loads of food...YUM YUM!! heheh...we were also watched love undercover...migosh daniel wu is soooo cute!! hehehe...another one 2 add 2 my list of OH-SO-CUTE guys...ehehehehe...

oh been SOOO long since i last spoke 2 stef..miss her so so much..wonder what she is up to right now...hmm.. =(

*song of the day*
understand the things i say
don't turn away from me
cause i spent half of my life out there
you wouldn't disagree
d'you see me, d'you see me
do you like me, do you like me standing there
d'you notice, d'you know
do you see me, do you see me
does anyone care?

ode to my family
the cranberries

cassie over and out

Monday, December 27, 2004

so sleepy

its like what...9.12p.m. now but im like so damn sleepy.
but no. i must not give in. i must not give up. i will stay awake until my grandparents come back.
simply because i know that if i was to fall asleep now, i would wake up WHEN my grandparents are ALREADY asleep. oh wells...have to tell grandpa to fetch us...*us being me, angel n mama goose* to school... *yawns* .. oh sandman is like here to take me 2 dreamland...must fight temptation...must not fall asleep...

okay..lemme see....jayne n tasha came over 2 my place today to work on the com club presentation. got pretty much everything done except a lil bit here and there.

aiya..sleepy la...

cassie over and out

Sunday, December 26, 2004


*yawns* okla...kinda just woke up *yawns* .. i know i've got screwed up sleeping hours and i'm just gonna die next year... i mean...i am only fully awake *yawns* at 11 in the morning!!!! that's like 2 hours before school ends!!! haha...what on earth la am i gonna do...sleep all through the 1st 4 periods?? sounds good sia...hehehe...oh wells...*yawns*...doubt i'd be able to get any sleep for the next 2-3 hours or so....sigh...

had a really really really weird dream just now. it was SOOOO real...i was actually haunted by this spirit just because i knew her ex-boyfriend! i mean hey! come on!!! GET A LIFE!!! ..ok wait...forgive the pun la..but seriously...and it kinda haunted me only in my room!! which was SOOO freakay...and there was this part where i switched off my cd player and all and wanted 2 go 2 sleep suddenly the player came on by itself. playing what you know...BRITNEY SPEARS!!! i switched off the still kept i pulled the kept on playing.. so i pulled off the wires that connected the speakers and the player itself and the damn thing didn't stop...damn it sia...i mean the whole felt so real...i mean in some dreams you know that you are dreaming..but in THAT was so real i thought it was for real until angel's message came in and woke me up...phew....thanks angel for saving my life!!!! oh wells..

ooh and there is this FUCKING IRRITATING BASTARD who calls me like every couple of hours!!! so FUCKING IRRITATING and each time i pick up the call, he ends the FUCKING call...FUCKING i gave up answering after the first time and ended the calls after before THAT FUCKING BASTARD could end the FUCKING CALL...FUCKING BASTARD OF A STALKER....if anyone knows this FUCKING BASTARD by the number 019 2980831 please FUCKING tell that FUCKING BASTARD to BLOODY HELL FUCK HIMSELF AND GO FUCK OFF!

i think that is all that i can actually blog for now...very hungry...and still kinda traumatised from the dream :'( and that fucking bastard.... oh wells...gotta run!

who is that i see
staring back at me
looking in the mirror
i know i am lost forever

all i ever wanted
was to be found
but thinking back now
i just can't see how

cassie over and out

boxin day!!!

okay...its like five mins to one a.m. now... happy boxing day people!!!
ever wondered how the term boxing day came about? well..i'm just too lazy 2 actually go find out...haha..
oh wells..
had a pretty much ok and uneventful day day...gave out the presents that kor and i bought for everyone...eesam gave us a voucher for books in mph!!! woohoo!!! more books for me!
AND AND AND....kor bought me a ruby gloom sling bag!!!!! three cheers to him!!!! we agreed on not getting each other anything...on cancelling each other out...but he STILL went out and got something for me!!! so sweet of him!!! oh wells....i've got the bestest best bro ever...both of you!!! haha...
nobody..ok..not nobody...very lil people seem 2 b online..must b partying sumwhere..hehe....oh wells...tts bout it i think..

cassie over and out

Saturday, December 25, 2004

mewwy cwismus

mewwy mewwy mewwy cwismus people!!!! hahaha
hahah..okay...i'll try and control my highness..
and NO...its not because of my highness that i can't actually spell properly...i just felt like spelling it THAT way...MY WAY...hahah
okay okay...its approximately 5 past 12.. stef and angel are stuck in midnight mass... oh wells...poor things....tasha's awake doing god knows what..andrew's gone carolling maybe? i think so..don't know where's the rest though. oh wells.ooh..i kor's currently in pd. kinda miss him :( .. no one 2 irritate me..haha
feeling really christmassy now with all the sms-es back and forth..
can feel all that warm and fuzzy feeling rushing back to me...overwhelming yes..but its really nice to feel that way again...for a long long time...heheh...
thanks to everyone who sent me those oh-so-sweet messages!
thanks to those who gave me sth this year! sweet of you guys...really like ALL of your presents...SOOOO meaningful...oh man..can feel my tears welling up at the corner of my eyes.
tuition was quite okay today.
esther brought muffins to tuition today.
went out since like 11 in the morning. haha...
had a great time shopping in pp with angel
ooh man..miss her soo much...
it's been ages since i last saw her!!!
haha...its been milleniums since i saw some of you too!!
am SOOO gonna scream when i see you guys on the 30th....heheh...miss my friends SOO SOO SOO much!!!!
oh wells..i think that's about it for gonna log in on my journal..SOOO much to lil energy..haha..
ok....this is cassie signing off

cassie over and out

Thursday, December 23, 2004


a BIG BIG sorry to ALL who had to see the earlier post.
a lil disturbing i must say but i HAD to say it else i'd just erupt inside AND a volcano.
many thanks to angel for helping me with my MOVES!!! wheee!!!
am going out shopping tomorrow with angel!!! wheee!!!!
that's all i have 2 say 2nite..hehe...
oh alven...good luck with stealing AND enlarging peeps' photos..haha..

cassie over and out



Wednesday, December 22, 2004


i hate eh... this font looks pretty okay..i mean like.. outta the nine fonts .. i like only use..maybe 2? 3? ish!!! WHY is there no comic sans or sth DECENT??? yer know decent?? argh...forget it..

nth much 2 say today really...or rather.. i didn't even do much.. just watched legally blonde one AND two...and then watched carolina...julia stiles starred in it... and then it was charmed..other than that..onlining...chalking up A HUGE BILL on the phoneline AND burning money on my handphone *i didn't mean that QUITE literally*.. was messaging quite a bit this morning...uh..afternoon rather..cos i only woke up at like...1140 hours maybe? despite the oh so shrill incoming message tone from my phone which was next 2 my bed..haha..oh wells....DEAF.. that's what i am!!!.. oh .. and eating too!!!

that's about daily life...uneventful...boring...dull...ish

i'm bailing...l8rz peeps..

oh ya...quote of the day
What do you do when the only person who can get you to stop crying is the person who made you cry in the first place?
uh...make that question of the day..oh wells....think bout it peeps and tag me
cassie over and out

angel's back....woohoo!!!

First order of the day.
ANGEL IS BACK!!! fine and dandy, safe and sound...aite get the idea...from adelaide!!!! haha...ok...i shall stop there before i go on and on and on and ... oh never mind...

ohkay... next thing on the list...i didn't actually feel like blogging today..make that yesterday then since its already 2a.m...teeheehee...i went to bed at bout 11p.m. last night...slept through my phone's oh-so-shrill message tone...andrew if you read this right...hahah...sorryla lazy as i am.. i am kinda deaf too when i'm asleep...hahaha....well..then about 1.45a.m. or so... i just suddenly woke up with the urge to come online...and whadya know...angel AND kor is online!!! YAY!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!! got people to talk to.. didn't expect angel to come online actually....but i am SOOOO happy to see her online..hahah...and KOR...*ahem ahem* sooo honoured that i came online two days in a row 2 see if he was online..ahahhaa....

well well...lemme have a quick recap on yesterday...yesterday was winter solstice...or dong.. did i spell that right? oh wells...whatever...anyway..had a lil reunion dinner over at my grandaunt's place.....grandma was the one who cooked...the usual in oyster sauce *my favourite!!! yum yum*... fried prawns in batter... yi min,
gingko and fu pei soup, steamed chicken...roasted duck and pork belly from some chinese restaurant..that's bout it i think...or at least i remember seeing all THAT on the dinner table la..haha....wells...NICE FOOD....YUM YUM...haha....winter solstice is also the day we eat the oh-so-famous tang yuen in mandarin...tong yun in cantonese and kui yi it hokkien or something? oh i don't know..just learnt that word from my mum in the car on the way back just now..haha...oh and one more thing i learnt from my grandpapa....that on winter solstice, the night is longest, in the whole year...AND i learnt from my daddy that winter solstice occuring on the 21st, only occurs in many many many many centuries...uh...around 4 centuries or lucky i am to have experienced this...but hey..this doesn't mean nut to me....neither the longest night nor the 400 years...but they are really interesting facts to know!!!

hmm...what else...went out shopping today.. am officially B-R-O-K-E people...i am left with only 10 bucks to my name, AND i owe my bro 25 bucks..wahaha....AND i have an overdraft with my mum...took an advance from next month's allowance..i am SOOO dead and SOOO broke...haha..oh more books for me..this month that is.. =(

this is WAYYYYYY too depressing for me to type on any longer la sad..
that's it..i'm bailing.. make that FACTS
of the day can be found in the third paragraph..the last few lines....*sob more money!!!!*...

cassie over and out

Monday, December 20, 2004

blister....sob sob

this is most definitely NOT fun. not the whole blogging thing, but the whole blister thing. there is like a HUGE blister on my foot. with NO thanks to my stupid pair of clogs...argh...who knew clogs could actually cause blister eh...but NOW I KNOW...all that friction between my foot and the strap of my clog has caused an EXTREMELY HUGE AND PAINFUL blister to "appear outta nowhere" on my foot!!! ok all girls who are reading this, vanity is one thing, blisters are another. no one should ever have to go through SUCH a TRAUMATIC experience as i did today!!! *sob sob* note to self...NEVER.. i repeat NEVER EVER wear my pair of clogs when going out for hardcore shopping.

speaking of which, i am PRETTY MUCH DONE with my christmas shopping...woohoo!!! going again tomorrow to get 2 more presents and some tinnie winnie cards my brother suggested we should put together with the present. i'll be broke by the end of all this but is only once a year right? so why not pamper myself *wait a minute...i DID NOT get to pamper myself with some relaxation or spa thing AND i did not even get anything for myself!!! not even that emily pencil case i was eyeing for ONE WHOLE WEEK in cs!!! on top of which i had gotten a much for pampering...*, my family AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST my great bestest best friends!!! and some of their other halves that is..haha..hope neither of them reads this..haha..oh wells, but it was all worth it...i mean i LURVE shopping, especially for people *except when i get a headache from figuring out what to get la*.. haha.. oh wells...if only i am filthy rich!! woohoo!!! shopping here i come!!!

hmm..what else..wrapping...hmm..see what my brother wants to do about that later is to have a really really good break...probably should take a nap or something...

oh last thing b4 i sign off....starbucks' mango citrus frappucino tastes really pretty good..that is if you are into the whole tea and fruit thing la..

oops...gotta run peeps...
cassie over and out

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Things To Do LIst
1. Clear out my fweaking mess
2. Tape Xin's show else ransack Sha's house for disc
3. Send bag for washing else get nagging
4. Tape up my jigsaw. Third one for the year people!!!
5. Finish off my X'mas shopping. Still haven't gotten a few more presents...
6. Wrap up all the X'mas presents. *I haven't even finished buying what more start on wrapping??!!!*

is that
ALL i have to do??!!! YIKES!!!! so much!!! what crap....with christmas approximately one week am i gonna get any shopping done if i don't get to go out??!!! DOUBLE YIKES!!!.. AND i was in times bookshop just many nice books so little time and money!!! TRIPLE YIKES!!! but after all THAT xmas shopping, i wouldn't have ANY cash left... and NO cash means NO BOOKS!!!!! *sob sob*...this is not fun! this is not fair! *sob sob*

had the weirdest dream ever yesterday.....dreamt that angel, sha, xin and i were shopping in taka, ngc. damn fun man....then we saw godmama and her family there too!!!
YAY!!! haven't seen godmama in ages!!! but gonna see her sometime soon... =( ... which means school is gonna start... =( ... this is really bad for at least... oh and horror of all horrors...i ACTUALLY DREAMT OF DT!!!! FWUCKIN CRAP!!!.... of all people i had to dream of!!!! *sniff sniff*... just my luck...oh wells...thank god kor came in to wake me up in time to save me from her clutches!!!! *PHEW*...

oh wells..
a lil news update...
xin is going off to koalaland on monday
angel is coming back from kangarooland on tuesday
lyn is coming back from kimchiland on wednesday
stef is coming back from kayelle on thursday
there is tuition
AGAIN on friday
saturday is christmas!!! yay!!!
sunday is... well....sunday is.... sunday! haha..hey sunday is boxin day isn it?

well...aunty sue and nick are happily back in kiwiland..spending a hot summer christmas there...haha...she's not planning to put up any decor this year though...too lazy or so she says...but anyway...justin and william
DID NOT..i repeat...DID NOT ..take off the christmas wreath from the patio...since LAST YEAR!!!!...haha...the reason being everyday is christmas...hahah...good one justin and william!!! three cheers to you guys!!!

last but not least...
SOMEONE has been tagging ANONYMOUS on MY tagboard....IRRITATING THE HELL OUTTA ME...ish...forget it...tag ANONYMOUS ALL YOU WANT....tag me if you read this kay...

oh yar...kor is missing!! yikes!!
cassie over and out

p.s. mediator six is coming out!!! WOOHOO!!!

Friday, December 17, 2004


first thing's first. forget bout the strike against sambal stingrays. haha.

second thing. tuition! for four hours! i survived! yay!

third thing. i am nowhere near done with my puzzle. sigh.

fourth thing. had pizza for lunch. double yum.

fifth thing. i'm supposed to be asleep now. am supposed to wake up early tomorrow morning. oh heck.

sixth thing. i'm going to sha's country tomorrow. hahahaha.

seventh thing. i am like damn hungry now but its like what....1 a.m.? damn...

eighth thing. remember to tape show for xinyu else she'd murder me.

ninth thing. i wonder how's stef in kayelle. hmm.

tenth thing. i forgot to burn the cd!!! oops!!! nick if you see this right..haha..i'll pass the cd to you next week or something..haha..sorry!

hmm..nothing much to say today. oh wells.
cassie over and out.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

i want my liquor. give me my liquor.

i am having a strike against sambal stingray. no. make that ALL sambal stingrays of the world. i am having a strike against them i tell you. a STRIKE. especially sambal stingrays who do business with johnny walker... SCOTCH at that!!!! SNIFF SNIFF... SOB SOB...ish... *hums i want my liquor...give me my liquor*

with that said, let's move on. well...lemme recap on today. mama lim brought me out today!! yay!! ... had LOADS .. i repeat.. LOADS of food...haha...first she brought me for dim sum...then we *sha n i* went to get our books for the new year...ISH...after that she brought us for SOME MORE FOOD!!! yehah!!! had lunch at sedap corner...YUM YUM.. thank you mama lim for the amazing time!!! teehee!!! SOOO happy...

haha..then came back, wrapped my books...ISH...then went 2 see my granduncle...saw my aunty...she's SOOOO pretty....oh wells...came back...had organ class...yada yada yada....AND i'm starting on my new puzzle..maybe i shouldn't have but oh NEVER MIND....

had a rather boring day today other than going out in the not much to blog bout today...

oh wells....fact of the day...*with compliments of nick*

the word assassin contains two "ASSES" .. haha..okay i din mean it THAT wait i did..haha..OH never mind. what nick was tryin to point out was that it contains two "ass" .. which is more than normal.

okay *puts on a bugs bunny accent* that's all folks!
cassie over and out


hmm...this font...looks decent but a lil dodgy...too times new roman-ish.. oh never mind.

well well...what a way to start my day. had another round of scoldings this morning. once again, over me and organ. sigh. really felt like shouting back or something. but i just retorted her. just said something back. not something bad. just something. to defend myself. at the end of it, i really wanted 2 shout at her or something. worst still, i actually wanted to leave, but i just controlled myself. not that i COULD leave at that moment. just woke up and was still in my pjs. sigh. oh wells, thank god for andrew, who kinda talked some sense into me. had the rest of the day to cool down and all. didn't really talk 2 her much after the whole incident.

on a BRIGHTER note, kor brought back food. loads and loads of food. hahah... had MCD for lunch. yay. something i hadn't had in a LONG LONG time...ok, maybe not SOOO long a time but hey, i just had the sudden craving for it. YUM YUM. on top of which, i had a packet of rojak. my FAVOURITE rojak at that. DOUBLE YUM!!!

hahah....sha's angry at me at the moment cos i said she was NEVER right to begin with...hahah...i'm SOO dead. nevermind. she asked me 2 "SHUDDUP" anyway... hahah...sha...if you read this har...i'm "SORRY" okay? haha..there

lemme see what else...ooh ya...cleared out my cupboard today. *hums i said i'm sorry momma...i never meant to hurt you..i never meant to make you cry...but tonight...i'm cleaning out my closet*.. okok...i'd better NOT get TOO carried away....and i din quite mean that literally...oh never mind's in ONE BIG MESS've got a fren here..hahah... =)

oh wells....glued up my jigsaw a wee bit earlier on...hope it dries up properly..THEN i can send it for second thinking of starting my third one for the year actually...hmm..peeps...what's your opinions??

finished watching BOTH season three and season four of C.S.I. on dvd...what am i gonna do next??? season five WON'T be out SOO soon!!! ish!!! i miss greg already...he's like super cute...hahah..i'm a lil nuts..

on the OTHER hand, charmed is also finishing its season on channel 5.. and i don't have astro!!! which means.. NO MORE chris!!! oh no...both guys gone...i'm SOOOO heartbroken....2 ubber wait..make that ONE ubber cute and ONE ubber hot...hahaha....haiz...with both of them gone, it'll be like....ripping my heart into pieces then leaving me here to bleed...OH NO!!!! .hahah...ok....all that drama is even WAY TOO MUCH for me to handle round here....

on a slightly more depressing note *i like the note F*.. hahah...stef is going off to kl tomorrow and will not be back until a week gonna miss her :( --> :'( ... haiz...bon voyage stef..and remember to bring back some cute guys okay? we can share 'em out...hahaha

oh .. one last thing before i go off....angel blogged and tagged!!! YAY!!! was SOOO happy 2 c her tag and her blog...heheh....she's having a ball of a time in drinking and all...wish i could be there too...i wanna be anywhere but here.... *hums hilary duff's song* oh shit..aish..never mind...

well...quote of the day *it has moved from the classroom board upto my blog board..haha*


with courtesy of the nst paper.teehee.
that's it for today folks.
cassie over and out!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


i am ABSOLUTELY pissed.

what a way to start my post but hey, whatever blows my whistle right?

well, ok, lemme see...second day angel's in adelaide. which means no late nights with her. oh wells. there's always kor..haha..if he is online that is.

second thing, lyn is ill...oh no!! my jie is ill!!! :( and she's going off to korea tomorrow. hope she feels much better by then. have a safe and great trip yeah jie? lucky girl, she's going to be seeing snow!!! will miss you too.

xinyu, if you read this post, you forgot to remind me today about your daniel wu show. haha. will try to remember to tape it for you though ;)

just finished my second jigsaw puzzle...YAY!!! thought i'd never be done with the first one actually. THAT took a MILLENIUM. haha. was really complicated with the trees and stuff.

not done with xmas shopping...YIKES!!! still have a few more people to go. sigh. its not so much the cash, it's that i can't seem to find something suitable for the person. which is SOOO sad. double sigh.

nick reminded me that my birthday is just around the corner. DOUBLE YIKES. i'm so old. BLEH. what a sick world this is.

when my birthday is around the corner, it means that christmas is just BEFORE the corner, ok, i think that was really corny. oh wells. anyway, as i was saying, christmas is COMING!! its LOOMING!!! everywhere i hear christmas carols being played. a nice, warm, fuzzy wuzzy feeling comes rushing back into me. its nice, but it also brings about an air of depression. i don't know why, but it just does. sad.

why does she keep scolding me? i mean its not my fault that nothing is going her way you know. its so pissing. scold scold scold that's all she knows to do. argh...just piss off la. i can SOOO survive without you.

this song depicts exactly how i'm feeling...

trying hard to reach out
but when i tried to speak out
felt like no one could hear me
wanted to belong here
but something felt so wrong here
so i'd pray
i could breakaway
i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly
i'll do what it takes till i touch the sky
make a wish
take a chance
make a change
and breakaway

+ breakaway +
+ kelly clarkson +

Monday, December 13, 2004

i don't like the fonts they have around here!!! why can't they have comic sans ms???? ish...oh never mind... my friends' links are finally up and about...haha..yay...managed 2 fix it this morning....phew..thank god...then i went into singapore...ahhh...sha's country...haha...and everybody reading this, please don't call her mother annoys the hell outta her..and when she is annoyed right...well...either seany or i get it..hahah...pray she doesn't read this...mmhmm...was there from about..lemme see...1sth .. yeah..went in with 5 bucks 2 my name...damn sad la wei...ish....but never mind.....borrowed a lil cash from my mummy!! yay!!! three cheers to mummy...haha...we went to marche's for lunch...damn..the food there is really good...yum yum....had sambal stingray...wedges...salmon sashimi...the list goes on and on...its on my MUST GO TO LIST...on the food variety that is..why is there NOOO marche in malaysia?? it just ain't fair!!!....haha..after that went to send my brother off for his interview...then went to buy some more food..hahah..yeah....bought tutu kueh and meatballs...didn't eat it there and then though...wayyyyyy too full..hahah...then went to pick kor up....went into taka....did some xmas shoppin....went to buy chocolates .. angel's favourite...was about six or so maybe when we left sha's country...came back at about 7....yawns...slept all the way..haha...came back and messed around with my blog AGAIN...and pretty much everything is up and running...except for a few glitches here and there la...nick says that he can't seem to access my site..and that NOTHING... i repeat myself NOTHING came up except for a black background...ish...what is wrong with this world??!!!! no fair!!! oh yeah...and at the footnote of my reads blogged till i DROP...that english is sooo not right .. not my fault people..not my came with the template...and its actually an image off the i can't really edit i guess..until i can find a better footnote or something, you are just going to have to bear with that horrid "drop" instead of "dropped"..haish...hmm..lemme see what else...oh more thing...sumtimes the "imma troublemaker" and "blogged till i drop" doesn't actually come you're gonna have to like.. refresh the page then it comes up...don't ask me how..don't ask me JUST happens...gonna have to find out how to repair THAT one too!!..ok..that's about it i guess...nick is offline..doubt the possibilty of him coming back on...ok...ppl...go check out xin yu's page...its really nice especially if you are a harry potter fan..even i was enthralled to see her page..teehee...if you don't have her url, its under my friend's link..oh ya...and visit sha's too...the one with sean that is..though i'm not sure if its FINALLY up and running...cos she just changed her template...AGAIN!!!..but i must say..this one's much nicer though..hehe..i guess that's about it for today...tag me when you come in..tell me what you think bout my blog.. or even if its just to say hi..that'd be really's it....FINALLY...hahah...gonna bail..ciaoz ppl....sweet dreams..
p.s. angel's off to adelaide....and lyn's kinda ill...i miss angel.. and i hope lyn gets well soon

First Post!!!

hey peeps
this is my first's kinda pathetic i know...haha...and there's sth wrong wf my friend's links...will have to figure out that in a bit..or a coupla days time..whichever comes tag me and tell me what's hot and what's not in my blog and i'll see what i can do about it...that's about it...FOR NOW .. that is..haha...okay...cya.
cassie over and out