Friday, December 17, 2004


first thing's first. forget bout the strike against sambal stingrays. haha.

second thing. tuition! for four hours! i survived! yay!

third thing. i am nowhere near done with my puzzle. sigh.

fourth thing. had pizza for lunch. double yum.

fifth thing. i'm supposed to be asleep now. am supposed to wake up early tomorrow morning. oh heck.

sixth thing. i'm going to sha's country tomorrow. hahahaha.

seventh thing. i am like damn hungry now but its like what....1 a.m.? damn...

eighth thing. remember to tape show for xinyu else she'd murder me.

ninth thing. i wonder how's stef in kayelle. hmm.

tenth thing. i forgot to burn the cd!!! oops!!! nick if you see this right..haha..i'll pass the cd to you next week or something..haha..sorry!

hmm..nothing much to say today. oh wells.
cassie over and out.


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