Sunday, December 26, 2004


*yawns* okla...kinda just woke up *yawns* .. i know i've got screwed up sleeping hours and i'm just gonna die next year... i mean...i am only fully awake *yawns* at 11 in the morning!!!! that's like 2 hours before school ends!!! haha...what on earth la am i gonna do...sleep all through the 1st 4 periods?? sounds good sia...hehehe...oh wells...*yawns*...doubt i'd be able to get any sleep for the next 2-3 hours or so....sigh...

had a really really really weird dream just now. it was SOOOO real...i was actually haunted by this spirit just because i knew her ex-boyfriend! i mean hey! come on!!! GET A LIFE!!! ..ok wait...forgive the pun la..but seriously...and it kinda haunted me only in my room!! which was SOOO freakay...and there was this part where i switched off my cd player and all and wanted 2 go 2 sleep suddenly the player came on by itself. playing what you know...BRITNEY SPEARS!!! i switched off the still kept i pulled the kept on playing.. so i pulled off the wires that connected the speakers and the player itself and the damn thing didn't stop...damn it sia...i mean the whole felt so real...i mean in some dreams you know that you are dreaming..but in THAT was so real i thought it was for real until angel's message came in and woke me up...phew....thanks angel for saving my life!!!! oh wells..

ooh and there is this FUCKING IRRITATING BASTARD who calls me like every couple of hours!!! so FUCKING IRRITATING and each time i pick up the call, he ends the FUCKING call...FUCKING i gave up answering after the first time and ended the calls after before THAT FUCKING BASTARD could end the FUCKING CALL...FUCKING BASTARD OF A STALKER....if anyone knows this FUCKING BASTARD by the number 019 2980831 please FUCKING tell that FUCKING BASTARD to BLOODY HELL FUCK HIMSELF AND GO FUCK OFF!

i think that is all that i can actually blog for now...very hungry...and still kinda traumatised from the dream :'( and that fucking bastard.... oh wells...gotta run!

who is that i see
staring back at me
looking in the mirror
i know i am lost forever

all i ever wanted
was to be found
but thinking back now
i just can't see how

cassie over and out


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