Thursday, August 27, 2009

never underestimate the importance of eggs at room temperature

its so important that i cannot help but repeat myself.. never underestimate the importance of eggs at room temperature..

and again...


it probably wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure this one out.. but when baking with eggs.. make sure they are at room temperature.. and not taken out of the fridge because when you do that.. and you add the cold eggs to melted butter, the butter curdles and you end up with lumps of crap... CRAP I TELL YOU..

and don't even think of nuking curdled egg and butter for even 10 seconds in the microwave.. it cooks the egg white and leaves you with curdled yellow and white bits.

story of my life.. epic phailz

Thursday, August 13, 2009

just when you start to think that spring is here

it's only august... but swear to god.. spring is was here! honestly.. the daffodils are all mostly out at this point.. and the weather has been really really warm.. like 15/16 degrees warm!
it's been a great 2-3 weeks.. awesome warm weather, cloudless skies... essays couldn't possibly put a dent in the bubble of warmth and happiness everyone was in..

until today.. its raining and pouring and cloudy and gloomy and crappy outside.. i woke up to rain splattering on my windows.. ergh
just when i thought spring was here.. it went POOF! just like that.. pfft!

oh my spring.. where art thou?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

alice in wonderland

Plants vs. Zombie

As my cousin said, "This game will probably be your downfall" and it probably would've been true, if not for the fact that it's not a massively long game and I took just over a day to clock it. Its addictiveness is probably 11/10. I started on it yesterday and couldn't stop going back to it. I played it till one in the morning, went to sleep, played it some more, went to class then came back and played it some more. Thank God I'm done with it now. Though there are mini games for me to unlock. Humm.. Very very addictive, very very fun.

The player plants a variety of plants, some of them being defensive plants and some being attacking plants and the sunflower which produces sun which in turn allows you to buy plants to plant. The idea is to stop the zombies from eating up your plants and entering your home and consequently, eating your brains out. YUM!

Caution: May be hazardous to health and grades of upcoming assignments.