Thursday, August 25, 2005

holidays to be over

thats the second time this week that i only went to sleep two hours before my grandparents woke up for their morning exercise! normally, i wouldn't last past 0200 hours! 0230 at best. but like my mum said, you are gonna have to readjust when school starts. argh. i shall worry about that when the time comes. not now. now, all i want to do is have my fun.

had a somewhat interesting day yesterday. the alarm went off at bout 0745 hours. i was rudely awoken by the shrill polyphonic ringing tone of my samsung "samseng as angel would say" phone. i woke up thinking, "what the hell did i set the alarm for?" and promptly went back to sleep. barely two minutes later, i literally jumped out of bed as i suddenly remembered that i had english tuition in the morning. had to drag myself out of bed as to avoid falling back into bed and dozing off to dreamland once again. english tuition was quite uneventful and as usual, we did not leave empty handed. we were given enough to keep us busy for a long long while. as mrs e would say, "i bet when spm is here, some of you will still owe me essays!" haha.. sorry mrs e! after that, aunty emily dropped us off at tasha's place. there, we had lunch with many thanks to tasha's aunt! afterwards, we just sat on her bed and started chit-chatting. having a girl talk as they would say. it was really so much fun. we sat there like it was our year end holidays and had no care as to what time it was. we just talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more. lloyd and nigel must have thought us bunch of crazy girls! hahaha. at bout 2+, aunt grace had to send the guys to tuition and we hitched a ride to the condo, where we started our tai tai mahjong session. lol. oh and we had hot piping pizza as well as mouth watering chicken wings from pizza hut. by the way, pizza hut's pizza is still the best. same goes for their chicken wings. it is well marinated and well spiced! kudos to them for such yummy chicken wings. dang. feeling a lil hungry now even though i just had dinner. aunt yoon lee then came to fetch us lock, stock and barrel home at 6+ . spent most of the night just sitting around, watching tv and surfing the internet. and for once, my brother actually returned the modem to me! and it was only 11p.m. hehe. was online till bout 3++ in the morning chatting, when i finally gave up and decided that i needed some sleep.

grandma woke me up at like what.. 10+ 11 .. that meant i only got 7+ hours of sleep! :'( .. didn't do much today either. lazed around. was online most of the day. watched the amittyville horror. it is pretty much like your average horror movie. the catch? it was based on a true story and the story line of the movie pretty much stuck to the original story. freakay i tell you! the mere thought that it actually happened before. yikes! practised the organ after that, considering i have not touched that thing in ages. and that's pretty much all that i did today. a very boring one. sigh.

for those who loved lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events, and tim burton's charlie and the chocolate factory, the chronicles of narnia, based on the book by c.s. lewis, is a must watch! so many other great shows coming this year yet so little time! corpse bride, another one by tim burton is also a must watch. as well as for harry potter and the goblet of fire. hmph.

quote of the day
heaven hath no fury like love to hatred turned. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

+ cassie over and out +

Saturday, August 20, 2005


okay people.. i know its been a long long LONG time since i last blogged *click on tag if you got lost within the first sentence* but.. i just didn't feel like blogging at all.. for a start.. i had no mood to post at all.. for seconds, i have been so utterly busy with school and stuff and as of yesterday, trying to sort out my goddamn effed up personal life. oh wells.

let's see... last week of school went by just like THAT.. seriously! quite a number of teachers weren't around.. and for other teachers..this only meant one thing. an opportunity not to be missed. to rob other teachers of their periods. lol. seems to be happening a LOT in form 5 especially with geetha. quite a number of teachers finised their syllabus including pn. lee, chengkee and the language teachers. mrs koo mrs boo wasn't around much of last week. thank god. we had a LITTLE bit of time to catch up on homework and sleep. oh..and true to her words, she finally saw me regarding my testimonial.. and i thought i'd never see the daylights of her till next year! which reminds me. i still have unfinished add math homework as well as mod math. and to top it all off.. my add math project..grrr

other than wasn't exactly the greatest week to boot. y'know those days when you start off the day with an itsy bitsy lil mistake and the rest of the day goes horribly wrong? yeah...THOSE days.. i woke up late 5 days in a row! imagine THAT... and its like a chain reaction.. i'd forget to bring this.. forget to do that.. miss out something.. repeatedly write the wrong thing... was on extremely irritable mood for most of the weekday especially with my brother absconding with the modem! i barely get to go online for more than one hour these days!!but i guess him takin the modem downstairs beats him occupying my table and having me hear ALL his conversations.. grr.. i can see all my goosebumps already!!

and well.. friday morning, that being yesterday.. started off fine.. was fine for most of the day.. i mean how bad could it be when you get treated to lunch at secret recipe right? granted i only took half a lasagne but THAT has to count for something. but after that...everything just went downhill all the way. no. make that.. i was literally diving down a ravine with branches scratching my skin raw and rocks with sharp edges tearing through my body leaving nothing but bloody craters.. at 300 miles and hour. oh the pain.

yeah well, anyway..let me tell you the story of this girl and this boy. this boy who initially supposedly liked this girl, confessed to her that he liked someone else. he also asked her whether she would mind and whether or not she was okay with it. let me point out a little fact to ALL the guys out there. you do NOT tell a girl that you like her.. only to tell her that you like someone else mere weeks after that. and have the bloody guts to ask "would you mind?" of COURSE we would goddamn bloody hell fucking mind! the girl was speechless. the only thing she could do was to ask who it was. when she found out that it was her good friend that he had fallen for, she couldn't even bear to ask when. what did she do to him at this point in time? nothing. yes. she just sat there and did nothing. she did not choose to slap him. or shout profanities, that would make a sailor faint, at him. she just sat there speechless.
sadly. it did not just end there. he added that "you are my best friend. i feel that you should be the first to know." when the boy said this to her, she was crushed, for mere weeks ago, he told her that he liked her. now let me point out yet another lil fact to ALL the guys out there. do
NOT say to her "you are my best friend. i feel that you should be the first to know". you DO NOT tell a girl that you like her only to call her your BEST FRIEND just weeks after that. do NOT do NOT DO NOT. why you might ask? because it FUCKING HURTS. THAT'S why. and that's what she felt. yet, she chose to do nothing to him. although as many would put it, she had more than a good reason to slap him, kick up a big fuss, scream, shout and swear at him. no. she hadn't. she didn't even want to look at him at this point of time, she just left him there without saying a word. she was determined to act as if nothing had happened, she pretended like it was any other day. so much so that her friends did not even realise that something had happened, till very much later. but the girl is very much determined. now more than ever, to make it in life. to prove to the world that the guy will not be a barrier to her success. the end.

juss eff euu nl. juss eff euu.

+ cassie over and out +

Sunday, August 07, 2005

long long week

have had a pretty long week since i last blogged...seems like forever! anyways, i don't remember much of the week really...except that there wasn't much classes in the earlier part of the week. which meant no homework! wheee...hahaha... on wednesday, i dragged angel out to cs to shop for my dress...after walking the whole of cs and trying on a coupla dresses for two hours, we decided to plop ourselves down at vivo where i weighed out my options and in the end, i dragged her back to pp where i found my dress after 10 minutes! imagine that! should have just gone to pp in the first place. grr. ooh ... forgot something. angel and i saved this lil girl in cs. we were walking along coffee bean that row where we saw this lil girl pacing up and down looking a lil lost. after a while, the girl sorta walked past us and the both of us caught up with her. by that time, she had resorted to crying and shouting mummy mummy. the rest of the people just sorta stopped and stared at angel, i, this other lady and the lil girl then walked off. otherwise, they were just like "bring her to the information counter" before walking off themselves. so angel pulled out a ply of tissue and started to wipe her tears while i was looking around for a lady in distress looking for her lil daughter! and as well as trying to get her to stop crying and a name! in the end, angel took one hand, i took the other and the 3 of us trodded to the information counter where i placed her on the table top. funny really, cos the moment we took her hand, she stopped crying and she even allowed me to place her on the table. the lady at the information counter must have been through this a million times, she looked bored and even had a lil smirk on her face! fancy THAT...after a couple of what's your name? her mum came. thanked us w/o looking at us then proceeded to admonish the lil girl for running off. then as we were walking off, this elderly lady came rushing up to us. said a million thanks and asked us where we found her. she was in ultimate panic and distressed mode. kept saying thanks and that she was so worried. bla bla bla.. then proceeded onto god bless you all bla bla THAT was sth! malaysians i tell you... "bring her to the information counter" *rolls eyes* like as if we didn't already know that! hmph!!

thursday passed me by without much happening. had a bit of add math homework though. add math homework which i frankly do not know how to do. lol. then on friday, after school, i went home for a bath and headed out to pp. where i met up with lyn and xin. we did a lil shopping then went off a a gruelling four hours of tuition. had a lil fiasco before tuition. grrr.

and on saturday. lemme see. i got up bright and early on yesterday. 7sth! grr...there's sth not quite right with me. i ended doing homework for the better part of the morning. then i went out with my mum for breakfast and to get my sandals. then we went off for physics tuition where we learnt that sometimes, 0 and 0 gives us 1 and where 1 and 1 gives us 0! how nice. after tuition, xin and lyn went to choir. tasha to pp. mel, home and i, home as well to prepare for the dinner. went over to emilda's place. was the earliest at the hotel other than committee members and the choir. twas somewhat embarrassing. cos the when i trudged in in that sandals of mine, all the time hoping and praying that i wouldn't trip and fall.. the choir girls turned to me and went "woah" and "hot hot h
ot" *cassie blushes* .. well, overall, the food was okayyyy....we had a lot of fun though. snapping pictures, complimenting each other and all. heheh...all in all... it was good. from now onwards, i am going to have to put in a lil more effort into my work. oh wells. sad. think i shall go start on my work or something :(

+ cassie off to do her work +