Sunday, May 29, 2005

80th anniversary concert!!

the 80th anniversary concert was a success to say the least =)
a very BIG thank you to all who have made the concert such a HUGE success..hehehe
am very high right about now even though i am deprived of food, sleep and rest..the after effects of the concert i'm telling you! haha...although i'm kind of glad that it's over, no more worrying, no more staying back, no more late nights and most definitely no more hugging pillars, i'm kinda missing it. this concert being the last concert i'm going to be part of other than the xmas concert end of this year...
most of them are at the youth rally right about now...all
must go lepak when they get back...

+ cassie over and out +

Friday, May 27, 2005

tomorrow is THE day

feels like a milennium since we finished the add math paper. for some funny reason. maybe its because we've been so busy with the preparations. well, let me see. after the add math paper yesterday, we quickly rushed down and got started on the preparations. putting up the decors and stuff like that. i ended up going home at about 6+ maybe? then, although i was really bummed out yesterday, i did not fall asleep until about 12 sth. what a bummer. and even then, i did not sleep very well. kept on waking up and my subconscious mind was still running. therefore i woke up even more tired before i went to bed.

then at school today was another hectic day. what with putting up the decorations, the rehearsals going on, i had to do about one million things and be at one million places all at the same time. after which we went over to tasha's place. still can't believe i forgot bout lin. feel so guilty. sigh. took a quick bath and went off to tuition where absolutely NOTHING went in. sad sad. am very proud of the decorations which hang oh so nicely inside the hall...hehehe...

jayne's not going to be here tomorrow as she's going off for a trip to cambodia i think, organized by her church or sth. tasha's going to hk after the concert. xin's going to kl and she doesn't know when she's going to be back. angel's going off to youth rally after the concert. soo many people won't be around. :(

hugging 10 pillars. 9 odd hours without food. standing on 8 chairs. curling up 6 rolls of ribbons. spraying 5 cans of stars. 4 weeks of exams. 3 days of sweating and screaming. 2 days without sleep. and finally, 1 big big concert!

+ cassie over and out +

Thursday, May 26, 2005

yay!!! its over!!!

woohoohoo! exams are O-V-E-R! which means no late night mugging...for now that is...muahahaha!

sooo happy!! whee although add math was pretty much a killer :( left was choir. right was dikir barat. in front was add not to get headache?

oh wells, after that, we got down to the preparation of the concert.

hmm...that's all for today. short for sure but i can't think of anything else to say. brain dead already.

+ cassie over and out +

Saturday, May 21, 2005

2nd post of the day

second post of the day. rare but i can't help it. am rather bored and not sleepy at all due to the 13 hour "nap" i had earlier last night and into this morning. think i should go and read my book after this or something until i fall asleep or something. that's two somethings in a sentence. ish. anyway, just a random thought. ok, maybe not so random as i have asked a coupla peeps about it in school. i find life rather contradicting. i mean, i have always thought of it so, but more now than ever. i mean like, when we were young and naive, our parents taught us many a moral value. one of them being, being thankful for what we have. appreciating and complacency. you know, the works. that we should not complain for what we do not own. that we should not compare what we have as to what others do. bla bla bla. then, why is it that our parents always want us to do better in say, everything...that we should strive harder to be better...isn't that VERY contradictory? if we oughta be happy with what we already have, then why is it that we keep trying to do better each and every time? isn't that being not complacent at all? humans...ish...

think i shall end this post and go to sleep but before i take my leave

quote of the day

parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us how to walk and talk.
then they spend the rest of our lives teaching us how to sit down and shut up.

see! contradicting isn't it?

+ cassie over and out +


i am feeling VERY happy although i am somewhat exhausted and tired out. this is due to many reasons. them being the fact that i am done with most of my papers and am only left with add math on thursday! which means, NO MORE MEMORISING!!!! woohoo...till the next exams that is! what a relief..all that memorising was beginning to take a toll on me :( after our last but one paper yesterday, i went out shopping with angel!!! its been SOOOO long since we went out together...hehee...must do it again sometime during the holidays after her rally or sth..hehehe....then just as we were about to leave for tuition, it started pouring like really was actually raining before that...according to xinyu, just after she stepped into, angel and lin hui braved the rain with 3 other convent juniors. it was sorta fun cos we were screaming and laughing hysterically on the i was all drenched in class...freezing my butts off in a shirt which i could practically squeeze water out of! imagine THAT!!! so that was bm. a candyless bm at that. for once. lol. then in chemistry, i sat with angel and mel. it was irritating seeing how everyone was asking teacher for the answers for the exams but at the same time amusing to see mel get all worked up....though i was not actually any better off. seeing how i left nearly one whole subjective question blank. the analisis kualitatif one. lolz.. as well as many other subquestions...guess my report book is going to be VERY colourful this time around. hahah...afterwards, i came back from tuition, i had dinner. then my bath. then, i fell asleep. yes, i fell asleep at 8sth. very rare, coming from me. slept until 12a.m. that is. then i came online for another hour before going back to sleep until about 10sth this morning. lolz...i slept for half a day! was THAT exhausted. after lunch today, i went for physics then lepak at pp then tuition again for chem in case i don't go next week. thats about it i guess...have to start cracking for add math. already my mum asked me why i wasn't doing any work...hmmm....

+ cassie over and out +

Saturday, May 14, 2005


am currently waiting for my supper to come back...although i had dinner already but im still very very hungry...weird...must be the stress! exams i tell you! they are was quite uneventful and wasted i must say...didn't really do much...was online this morning, then i went off for lunch...went to lavendar to have baked rice..hehehe...yum yum....after which i proceeded off to tuition...came back..was just staring at my book until dinner time...then bath...studied a bit of history and here i am online once more and blogging...oh wells..there goes another day down the drain

thursday..what did i have on thursday? oh est...after est, we went to help mrs e with "the shop" as xin would put it..haha.. we were tending the shop which was selling the shirts and button badges for the 80th anniversary concert. xin had a VERY fun time counting money. as for the juniors, half of them came back to change their shirt sizes after they did not listen to us seniors and took bigger sizes!

friday was the day most of the form fives nearly died due to the bio paper...exams are not just evil. they are traumatizing too! angel nearly got banged by a car!! it was THAT close...phew...first it was me, then it was her..but she came much much closer...add that to the fact that she was alone and there was no one to pull her back unlike how she did for me the week before

hmmm...not going to be a long post today...not much to say...though i'm in a really good mood peeps

quote of the day
this is going out to all those who have waited in vain

waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought. useless and disappointing

+ cassie over and out +

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

2 more days to the weekend!

i am still alive and at it people! i'm still alive...sad but true...its wednesday today which means two more days to the weekend...the much needed and awaited weekend...really can't wait for it..but before the weekend..there is est and being one of the subjects in which i am pretty weak top it all off...i have yet to touch my books and i plan to keep it that way for the next two hours...oh wells..

english was the paper to kick off the exam week ... for this week that is...had nymphetamine in my head all the while...hope i didn't write the lyric instead of and after the english paper...there was a bit more time..i was singing singing happily and i fell asleep until the teacher announced that it was math...math practically killed me yesterday..especially paper 2! i did not know how to do three questions...god alone knows how many marks gone...not to mention my carelessness for the rest of the question! and in the objective..sigh..i did that question a million times yet yesterday...i was stuck...i just COULD NOT remember how to do it..ish!! physics 3 today....didn't even study for it...lolz...was soo tired when i came back after math yesterday..after coming online for a bit i fell asleep until bout 6...then i had dinner...watched tv for a lil my moral...did like...half an hour of physics and headed back to bed where i woke up once again at 1sth...1.26 2 b exact thinking that it was time to go to school! ish! it's the stress i'm telling you....and moral...ish....don't even get me started on it...what is a person like me who kurang bermoral a.k.a. goth paikia...doing...sitting for it?!?! huh huh huh?! even emilda agrees that i very NOT pain i tell you...its NOT WORTH IT!!! my fingers are like soo numb i can barely feel them and they seem to be in permanent "holding a pen and writing mode"!! see what it does! its EVIL i'm telling you!! the pain....ishh...anyways....think i shall head off to bed or maybe go practise my peeps

+ cassie over and out +

Friday, May 06, 2005

i survived!

i survived! and truth be told...i'm very proud of case you guys are wondering exactly .. "WHAT THE HELL COULD SHE HAVE SURVIVED FROM?" on and you'll find out...

it has been one week since i last blogged...hmm...came on throughout the week but i was just too lazy to blog..either that or i did not stay on long enough to yeah...the whole of last weekend was spent revising...reading...staying up late...revising...revising and more revising...for ONE subject...yes get that...ONE miserable pathetic subject that i'm going to fail by the looks of it...tuesday was also spent revising for physics...wednesday however was spent cramming in malay lit which really made no sense to me...with many thanks to reliable source for tips for the exams...hehehe

and THE day that we all dreaded came along...thursday....i did not stop writing for four and a half hours...just like the rest of the fifth the end of it..all our brain juice had been squeezed till it was dry...even a grain of sand would be more moist than our brains..our fingers were aching like hell...and as long as the morning had been for all of proved to be a much longer afternoon AND night as well for all of us as we slogged our guts out for physics...note that i haven't actually been able to sleep well for the past week due to the tremendous how i'm always waking up to physics formulas and happenings in a particular story of sastera...

today, friday... we had was a killer! a killer i'm telling you....although i had a lot of much needed help from ryan..thanks once again...i still could not do the 2nd paper...sigh....there goes physics..and now..its time to concentrate on the other papers i guess...not a lot of time and here i am wasting away my friday night...can't help it...i'm wayy too sleepy and too stoned to do anything...think i shall go to sleep after this or something...

bm tuition today...however much it didn't make sense...was a bunch of, xin and andrew...i think we didn't stop talking for like...2 hours! lol..not to mention all that skittles and m&ms...i think we were on a virtual

chem was pretty fast today surprisingly...was so blurred out...wrote serbuk kuprum as serbuk kimia...tungku kaki tiga as kaki retort and serbuk karbon as serbuk kuprum blur me...angel was very elated as i gave her the pack of m&ms...she finished the whole pack within 5 mins! sometimes it ain't THAT hard to make someone happy...especially someone who loves chocolates.....after that...when we were making our way to the car...*listen up alven!*...angel and i were so engrossed singing NYMPHETAMINE!!!..and laughing and all that i did not see and oncoming car.....did not hear it rather..and nearly got into a minor accident...TWICE! the second time because i was recovering from the first one as well as me laughing and all....and both times angel saved me! yer so much angel...after the first near minor accident....angel held on tight onto me and saved me from the 2nd accident...she didn't wanna let go of me after that until we reached the car....hehehe....and in the car we were belting out the c.s.i. song and all..sooo FARNEE! hahaha

oh ya! lunch with lin hui at secret recipe today...splurged about 30 odd bucks on happy...can't help it...was having gastric and all by 11 so it was sorta a sure sign that i HAD to have lunch today...

hmm..and now here i am...alive and kicking and i must say..somewhat proud of myself .. i survived four and a half hours of bm...3 odd hours of physics and 2 accidents! more weeks to go :(...sigh...

+ cassie over and out +