Wednesday, May 11, 2005

2 more days to the weekend!

i am still alive and at it people! i'm still alive...sad but true...its wednesday today which means two more days to the weekend...the much needed and awaited weekend...really can't wait for it..but before the weekend..there is est and being one of the subjects in which i am pretty weak top it all off...i have yet to touch my books and i plan to keep it that way for the next two hours...oh wells..

english was the paper to kick off the exam week ... for this week that is...had nymphetamine in my head all the while...hope i didn't write the lyric instead of and after the english paper...there was a bit more time..i was singing singing happily and i fell asleep until the teacher announced that it was math...math practically killed me yesterday..especially paper 2! i did not know how to do three questions...god alone knows how many marks gone...not to mention my carelessness for the rest of the question! and in the objective..sigh..i did that question a million times yet yesterday...i was stuck...i just COULD NOT remember how to do it..ish!! physics 3 today....didn't even study for it...lolz...was soo tired when i came back after math yesterday..after coming online for a bit i fell asleep until bout 6...then i had dinner...watched tv for a lil my moral...did like...half an hour of physics and headed back to bed where i woke up once again at 1sth...1.26 2 b exact thinking that it was time to go to school! ish! it's the stress i'm telling you....and moral...ish....don't even get me started on it...what is a person like me who kurang bermoral a.k.a. goth paikia...doing...sitting for it?!?! huh huh huh?! even emilda agrees that i very NOT pain i tell you...its NOT WORTH IT!!! my fingers are like soo numb i can barely feel them and they seem to be in permanent "holding a pen and writing mode"!! see what it does! its EVIL i'm telling you!! the pain....ishh...anyways....think i shall head off to bed or maybe go practise my peeps

+ cassie over and out +


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