Saturday, May 21, 2005

2nd post of the day

second post of the day. rare but i can't help it. am rather bored and not sleepy at all due to the 13 hour "nap" i had earlier last night and into this morning. think i should go and read my book after this or something until i fall asleep or something. that's two somethings in a sentence. ish. anyway, just a random thought. ok, maybe not so random as i have asked a coupla peeps about it in school. i find life rather contradicting. i mean, i have always thought of it so, but more now than ever. i mean like, when we were young and naive, our parents taught us many a moral value. one of them being, being thankful for what we have. appreciating and complacency. you know, the works. that we should not complain for what we do not own. that we should not compare what we have as to what others do. bla bla bla. then, why is it that our parents always want us to do better in say, everything...that we should strive harder to be better...isn't that VERY contradictory? if we oughta be happy with what we already have, then why is it that we keep trying to do better each and every time? isn't that being not complacent at all? humans...ish...

think i shall end this post and go to sleep but before i take my leave

quote of the day

parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us how to walk and talk.
then they spend the rest of our lives teaching us how to sit down and shut up.

see! contradicting isn't it?

+ cassie over and out +


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