Saturday, October 22, 2005


ok.. this is gonna be a short one.. i hope.. just wanna update for the sake of it..
10 of us went to school today and we had physics early in the morning.. ishh..
and we were happily eating candy and having "discussions" in class.. hahaha
and then we went down to the lab.. the chem lab..hehe.. 1o of us.. in one lab.. with too much chemicals to spare.. haha.. so we ended up doing experiment after experiment.. i think the coolest was the cincin perang one.. we didn't get to do that last year.. and no one wanted to touch the argentum nitrate for fear of staining our hands.. haha..
went back to class.. attempted to drag our class teacher to shell with us. but they were like.. canteen is open.. dang...
chengkee came into class as well.. today's bio was well, light and funny, as compared to past lessons....
oh and kysha beat xin at sudoku today. hahaha.. she was sooo over the top of the moon wei.. hahah..
well well.. think this is all i am capable of tonight. g'nite peeps!

+ cassie over and out +

Friday, October 14, 2005

fell down wei

i am back folks! with a BRAND new post. haha. the previous one is like so old i can see mold growing on it *yikes!* even last week's bread proves to be fresher than my post. sure says a lot.

truth be told, when i check on my tag, i click on entry as well to see if some kind samaritan decided to post for me. but obviously it proved to be otherwise. and i too, was bored of seeing the same post on the entry. have been meaning to post for a long long time, but i was either too lazy or there was virtually nothing to post about! says a LOT about my life.

today was a somewhat not-so-normal day for me. during math class when everyone was feverishly trying to finish off their math homework, i was sitting at my table reading reader's digest. when pn lee came along and asked, "finish already ar yao fang?" i just grinned at her and lifted up the reader's digest. she was left speechless and decided to venture to the neighbouring table.

geetha did a lil revision with us for our form four syllabus. she makes physics seem so easy. why la didn't we get her as our physics teacher last year instead?!?

then i had lunch alone, AGAIN at pp today. but instead of heading to secret recipe, i found myself in seasons, having nasi lemak and my all time favourite esprit. ooh and i found a book i was looking for since two years ago in popular! but under a different title. the one that i read in nz was titled "if only it was true". funny thing was that, when i bought the book, i bought it because i saw the trailer of the movie on the apple website and fell in love with it. so yes, i bought the book entitled "just like heaven". *go watch the trailer on* just to find out that it was the exact book i was looking for only under a different title! you have no idea how excited i was at the discovery. haha. just as lyn, xin and i were about to trudge over to omega, we found that it was raining in torrents. there was no possible way we could make it across without being soaked like a ... drunken chicken! okay.. bad example. so just as we were looking for someone else to ride in the taxi, we chanced upon colin and i decided to drag him along for the ride. haha. we took a taxi from pp to omega and it costed us five bucks. lol. 10 minutes later, guess what? it stopped raining. arghh!

and after bm class as nick and i were walking down the stairs and talking, i must have missed a step. cos the next thing i knew, i was losing balance, trying to grab hold of the railing which i obviously failed to do. i went flying down like 5/6 steps. hit my left knee then my right knee as well as the bone between my knee and ankle.. now what is that word *whips out bio book to check for word* is it tibia? yeah i think it is.. and landed nicely on the landing between the 2nd and third level. oh and along the way, i let out a real nice long and loud "S H I T" hahaha.. i could have sworn it was like pin drop silence and everyone turned to look at me. even lyn, xin and mel who heard me swore came running back up to see what had happened. and nick.. ah never mind what nick did. haha. i just sat there laughing at myself for a coupla seconds till jacyln came along and asked if i was okay. haha. now THAT was thoroughly funny. weird enough though how i hadn't sprained or twisted my ankle or something. ah wells.

the rest of chem was quite uneventful i must say. that's about it. going for a bengkel spm tomorrow. dang.

+ cassie over and out +