Saturday, September 30, 2006

who is your one and only?

tonight.. i had the privilege of finding out that a bunch of 13/14 year olds i know are getting some lots.. not something i wanted OR needed to know really.. but there you go.. kids are growing up faster and they are much hornier as well...

as vinny said.. "they don't make kids like they use to"

wouldn't you like to know your 13 year old is getting some? lol..

Friday, September 29, 2006


hm. im so addicted to firefly by breaking benjamins right now.

y'know how some people claim that alcohol makes it all better.. alcohol takes your troubles away.. that is so not true.. it anything, it magnifies the pain inside by a million times and yet on the outside you will laugh at anything and everything. life seems like such a joke then. you laugh at the slightest thing.. but you still feel the pain inside.

last saturday night... i found out that im the kinda drunk that doesn't shut up. haha. just like thomas. hm. i will say out loud whatever that comes to mind. it really is quite funny hearing myself even. i know some people disapprove of alcohol.. but the way i see it.. you should learn how to drink (not to be an alcoholic of course).. but just so that you know how far you can go with alcohol....and that if ever you are in a position where you have to drink, you will know what your alcohol tolerance is like. but no worries-i have no intention whatsoever to be an alkie (alcoholic) cos first and foremost.. i can't afford alcohol.. a four pack of vodka mixers are like 10 bucks.. and even if i could afford it.. the money would have probably gone to buying clothes or saving up for presents and stuff..

moving onto a different topic altogether.. i am kinda itching to play pool now... or mahjong even.. miss playing with xin and the rest! esp since after a while, we are just playing so fast! hahaha.. but yeah pool.. hmm.. but everyone here is so broke.. no money to go for pool...

i kinda need sleep right now.. tired.. but im like wide awake.. its not good i know.. friday night.. i should be out partying or some shit like that.. but i really can't be bothered.. kinda wanna just chill with my friends back home (well.. other than the fact that they are all miles away.. and we are all having exams and shit..)

i remember last year this time.. most days.. there would be people in my house.. at the kidney/mango table doing our work (revision).. either that or at celine's place.. in her guest room on the third floor.. good times good times! though we were studying and stuff.. but nonetheless.. it was good..

just wish there was someone here with me right now. doesnt matter if we are not talking or not really doing anything. just need someone's company. anyone really. the loneliness is killing me inside. and the silence is deafening.

after working so hard last term, im kinda on a downhill trail now. but no- i need to get my act together. next term is just as crucial as the last if not even more with upcoming exams and trials. everything seems to be falling apart right about now.

you my friend
you're a lot like them
but i caught your lie
and you know i did
now im lost in you
like i always do
and i'd die to win
cause im born to lose
could you shine your light
now i learnt your ways
they are just like mine
now im justified
as i fall in line
and its hard to try
when you're open wide

+ firefly - breaking benjamins +

Monday, September 25, 2006

you arm looks kinda tasty too!

the kinds of things people say when they're drunk

2) you should ditch vinny and date peter/tony! or date both at the same time. that's not cheating right? wait-you know what, even if it is, we'll just take it as its not! -amy-
3) you know what yvonne.. you are so hot.. you should be a model!!!!! -amy-
4) i lurve you yvonne.. do you lurve me? -huei-
5) i'm not drunk! i can stand straight! watch me! -huei, just seconds before plonking onto the floor-
6) i'm not drunk! i can stand straight! -horst, attempting a martial arts pose-
7) i'm not drunk! i'm just a lil tipsy! oh god.. why won't i shut up??? -yvonne-
8) high five if you're sober! -huei-
9) the wall is sober! -huei-
10) your arm looks kinda tasty too! -horst, before taking a lick off vinny's arm-
11) someone finished my bit of paradise (chips and dips) -yvonne-
12) this is why people don't eat maggots on baby jesus -what huei heard me say to horst-
13) you're vinny!(pointing to vin) yvonne's boyfriend! and you're yvonne!(pointing to me) don't tell me you're amy! don't you mind-fuck me! -huei-

Thursday, September 21, 2006

panic! at the disco

okay people.. no need to panic.. (not that anyone is.. i know) but hmm.. things are back to normal now.. we managed to sort things out during lunch today.. so things are fine. but yeahh-just thought i'd mention it.. just gotta put in effort to make it work.. right?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

natural born loner

"i want to be alone right now. i really don't know. maybe we could stay just as friends for a bit".

Monday, September 18, 2006

i want

happy belated birthday to huei.. (her bday was ystd [18092006]) and a very happy birthday to thomas who turns 18 today! just got off the phone with him.. hmm...

on huei's bday post, she had a list of "i want"s

and this is what i left on her comment board. (a lil improvised version)

(of course, me being very depressed and emo and all so yeahh)

i want life to be alright
i want a hug
i want someone to tell me things will be fine
i want a peace of mind
i want to be happy
i want everyone else to be happy
i want everyone to have what they want for themselves
but most of all, i want to believe.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

and another one goes on

on? onto what, you ask? onto my to do list!

as pathetic as this sounds, i need to work on my sleeping hours.. it is so very screwed.

i am sleeping like two hours in the afternoon or late evening after school.. wake up.. do my work.. then go back to sleep at like 2ish.. catch about 4/5 hours of sleep.. then its off to school.. i'm sure it says somewhere that splitting your sleeping hours into two parts is unhealthy.. trust me.. it screws with your mind and body.. it really does.. but i can't help it.. i just fall asleep after school.. (not to mention in school as well)

but yeah.. need to work on sleeping hours.. really.. what is my life coming to??

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

just what i need

i have figured out something i need and can totally do with this christmas

dummies' guide to life


time. we all need time. and you know what i think? i think 24 hours a day just won't do for me. and no-don't tell me "all you need is good time management".. don't give me that bullshit.. not today.. forty hours worth of work to be done in a day with twenty four hours just doesn't work! it just doesn't work no matter how i look at it.

and it has gotten me nowhere except the fact that i'm left with VERY screwed up sleeping hours now.. these days, i sleep for about 1-2 hours in the evening, waking up approximately at 8.. then i start work all the way until 2-ish.. go back to sleep for about 5 hours.. then wake up for school.. i'm sure splitting my sleeping hours like that is not exactly the healthiest thing.. but it just happens.. when 6+ rolls around, i just fall asleep!

i have to carry out all the basic necessities of life, be at school, complete all my work + assignments, spend time with friends, spend time with vin, allocate time for my friends back home (not that i'm complaining or anything considering i really miss them right about now), as well as my family.

being able to have a life would be real nice right about now..

i feel guilty that i don't ever seem have enough time to allocate for everyone.. its the whole economics and scarcity thing! opportunity cost! when i allocate more time for something, something else gets neglected.. i know i can't help it.. but i just feel real guilty..

life is going by a little too fast for my liking. i barely have the time to lead a decent life.. what more to enjoy the lil things in life. this really sucks! :'(

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


hmm.. just another one of those emomomo days..

i think val tried to call me like 3 times today.. but my phone was on silent and i was in school... so yeahh.. and the stupid thing is that it registers the number as anonymous.. its bugging the hell outta me!

econs-not going well at all.. sigh.. i can only hope that i will pass... oh wells.. gonna resit my calculus excellence bit as well.. wanna get excellence for that.. i wanna wanna wanna!!!

would you throw all that you have with me
only to be with her?
i guess you never really get over someone
you just learn to live without them

Monday, September 11, 2006


my economics internal is worth five credits.

yet i have this extremely sneaky feeling i am going to fail it.

as it is, i can already see my five credits fly out of the window.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

desperate times calls for desperate measures

imagine cheating on your boyfriend one million and one times, having your boyfriend leave you only because you were the unfaithful one, blame your boyfriend for leaving you, get all annoyed just because he goes out with another girl after leaving you... THEN *drumroll* persuading your ex-boyfriend to dump his current girlfriend so that he can get back together with you only for you to cheat on him again.

so tell me, how low can you go?

as for me, i'm just kicking back to watch the show.

p/s feel like having hot cross buns!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

i want a pool table

i know this would sound really materialistic and all.. but thats one of my life goals now..maybe i should start writing down a life-goals list.. like weiyi did.. and at the end of the day.. sit down and see which one i have managed to achieve.. which knowing me is probably none.. but ehh..ok.. anyway. back to the story..was at joanna's place yesterday.. and mann.. that girl's got a pool table in her house! how cool is that.. so yeah.. thats one of my life goals from now on.. to have a pool table in my house.. no wait actually.. i want a huge entertainment room..with state of the art technology.. pool table.. and lotsa lotsa stuff.. oh god.. im dreaming again.. hmmm...

after staying up all friday morning till 5 to finish my english, i started gettin all emo.. i started wondering if all this is really worth it.. all the effort im puttin into my work.. is it really gonna pay off? i don't know.. i really don't.. i don't think i've ever put in so much effort into school work or life for that matter.. but most importantly.. would it be worth it? hmm.. sighh.. ok.. think i should go get some math done.. home alone now.. sucks!

3 weeks to go

three more weeks before this hell hole comes to a two week stand still.. what does that mean, you ask? its three more weeks to spring break! no more waking up to the stupid alarm clock at 7 in the morning.. and having to drag myself to school.. woohoo! but before that.. 3 more internals to go.. calc, stats, eco.. oh wait.. make that 5.. have to finish off my wide reading stuff.. and wait in anticipation for my eng research result which i hope i got at least a merit for otherwise i would murder myself considering i stayed up till 5 in the morning on friday to finish it.. and have to resit my legal studies internal.. shit.. i really should be doin my work and not bloggin now.... hmm.. anyway.. the worst has yet to come.. the thought of having to study during my two week spring break is really beyond me.. have got a whole bunch of birthdays coming up as well.. which can only mean one thing.. more expenditure.. oh wells.. they are my friends after all.. so can't possibly stinge there.. :D three more weeks.. i really cannot wait!

celine is back in uk.. safe and sound.. jayne has been there for two@three weeks with her sister.. i duno.. i've lost track of time.. it sucks.. miss them all!!

my piercing is doin well.. though now i'm startin to think that the two piercings are a lil close and that i should have done it slightly higher.. ohwells..

sorry people if you came here to read bout something juicy/interesting.. my life is pretty much a mindless routine.. had a really good day yesterday though.. at joseph and joanna's birthday party.. oh and stayin out with shing and the rest till like 1ish on friday night though i was dead tired.. it was real good to see them... hehehe.. oh wells.. had better go get started on my work or something..

i would love to promise a decent post the next time around.. with a dash of creativity but looking at my schedule.. it seems all too impossible..