Wednesday, September 13, 2006


time. we all need time. and you know what i think? i think 24 hours a day just won't do for me. and no-don't tell me "all you need is good time management".. don't give me that bullshit.. not today.. forty hours worth of work to be done in a day with twenty four hours just doesn't work! it just doesn't work no matter how i look at it.

and it has gotten me nowhere except the fact that i'm left with VERY screwed up sleeping hours now.. these days, i sleep for about 1-2 hours in the evening, waking up approximately at 8.. then i start work all the way until 2-ish.. go back to sleep for about 5 hours.. then wake up for school.. i'm sure splitting my sleeping hours like that is not exactly the healthiest thing.. but it just happens.. when 6+ rolls around, i just fall asleep!

i have to carry out all the basic necessities of life, be at school, complete all my work + assignments, spend time with friends, spend time with vin, allocate time for my friends back home (not that i'm complaining or anything considering i really miss them right about now), as well as my family.

being able to have a life would be real nice right about now..

i feel guilty that i don't ever seem have enough time to allocate for everyone.. its the whole economics and scarcity thing! opportunity cost! when i allocate more time for something, something else gets neglected.. i know i can't help it.. but i just feel real guilty..

life is going by a little too fast for my liking. i barely have the time to lead a decent life.. what more to enjoy the lil things in life. this really sucks! :'(


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