Sunday, September 03, 2006

3 weeks to go

three more weeks before this hell hole comes to a two week stand still.. what does that mean, you ask? its three more weeks to spring break! no more waking up to the stupid alarm clock at 7 in the morning.. and having to drag myself to school.. woohoo! but before that.. 3 more internals to go.. calc, stats, eco.. oh wait.. make that 5.. have to finish off my wide reading stuff.. and wait in anticipation for my eng research result which i hope i got at least a merit for otherwise i would murder myself considering i stayed up till 5 in the morning on friday to finish it.. and have to resit my legal studies internal.. shit.. i really should be doin my work and not bloggin now.... hmm.. anyway.. the worst has yet to come.. the thought of having to study during my two week spring break is really beyond me.. have got a whole bunch of birthdays coming up as well.. which can only mean one thing.. more expenditure.. oh wells.. they are my friends after all.. so can't possibly stinge there.. :D three more weeks.. i really cannot wait!

celine is back in uk.. safe and sound.. jayne has been there for two@three weeks with her sister.. i duno.. i've lost track of time.. it sucks.. miss them all!!

my piercing is doin well.. though now i'm startin to think that the two piercings are a lil close and that i should have done it slightly higher.. ohwells..

sorry people if you came here to read bout something juicy/interesting.. my life is pretty much a mindless routine.. had a really good day yesterday though.. at joseph and joanna's birthday party.. oh and stayin out with shing and the rest till like 1ish on friday night though i was dead tired.. it was real good to see them... hehehe.. oh wells.. had better go get started on my work or something..

i would love to promise a decent post the next time around.. with a dash of creativity but looking at my schedule.. it seems all too impossible..


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