Tuesday, January 31, 2006

chocolate cake anyone?

spent the better part of the morning asleep today.. so much for wakin at four in the morning to catch people online.. oh wells.. then, i helped my aunt with the choc cake she was bakin.. pretty easy but i still wouldn't do it myself if i had to..oh and that part that has been sliced out is sitting nicely in my stomach waitin to be digested :D the festive air of cny should still be nice and loud back home.. whereas here, its just like another day.. not that i'm complaining! no "wahh so big oredi har" or "eh you lost weight already arr" thanks for telling me that i am vertically challenged but no thank you. there oughta be some red packets sittin at home waitin for me when i get back... but that would be a good 11 months or so.. ah wells.. have got an english test tomorrow.. great! the first thing i do when i start school is have an english test.. what a way to start the year *rolls eyes* then there's orientation for the rest of the week, as well as next week and classes proper starts on wednesday.. waiting for my mum to get back before we head off to dinner at aunt angela's [i think] should be quite a spread.. =)

Friday, January 27, 2006

blogging in nz for the first time!

ok. its literally my first post in nz. am sitting at the computer table with my laptop propped up and get this.. i'm on dial up.. after being on broadband for so so so so long, i am on dial up! *faints.. but it ain't that bad.. the speed is say 2/3 of that of a broadband's and i had no problem connecting.. and my msn hasn't dc-ed at all! *shoot.. musn't jinx it* unlike dialup in msia where you keep on gettin dc-ed and is berladee slow.. that isn't the case here..

okok.. down to what i should really be blogging about.. i left the grounds of my house at bout 4+ yesterday to catch my flight which was leavin from spore. the flight was at 9, but it was in case of a jam. and as usual, i barely caught 2 hours of sleep.. and that was only on and off. a 10 hour flight and i only caught 2 hours of sleep! how pathetic can THAT get! oh and i didn't eat either. the sight of airplane food makes me wanna puke. seriously.. i was just sipping on my cup of oj and watchin my mum eat and that was enough to make me feel like i was gonna throw up any minute. sigh. i played tetris for bout 1/2 hour to 1 hour. listened to my ipod.. and the rest of the time, i was just dozing off waking up staring at people eat staring into thin air and staring out at the window watchin a lil sunrise.

reached nz at bout 12 plus. waited a long long time at the customs/immigration tingie.. and the rest of the day was spent unpacking and walkin around the malls.. was too lazy to capture any pictures today so hard luck people.. maybe tmr.. saw many a cute guy but alas, none really caught my eye.. oh and i haven't gotten my nz number yet...maybe tmr or sth..feels like a holiday more than coming here to study.. hard to imagine i'm gonna be studyin here!!! argh!!! its gonna be another long day tomorrow.. aih.. and its gonna be difficult tryin to catch you guys online. btw the time difference is like.. 5 hours.. hmm.. have to see how la..

okla thats bout it for today.. shall blog again tomorrow if i have the chance or if im not dead tired or dead dehydrated by then.. o btw the weather here is LOVELY.. except for the dryness la...
cos its like... the sun is out.. you feel the heat but you don't sweat AND the wind is nice and cool! how's THAT! hahaha..

Monday, January 23, 2006

3 more days

and so the countdown begins.. no actually i have been doing that on msn since i can't remember when.. twenty plus days maybe? oh wells.. three more days to me leaving.. my room is still in ONEBIGMESS. god forbid if i should ever decide to move my place of residence!

i should be ashamed of myself really.. i mean all i ever do at home is sit around.. do some light reading *i finished memoirs of a geisha* watch some movies *i watched memoirs twice! and narnia again* and waste my life away. (i'm not gonna include packing cos i barely did any of that. xin's gonna murder me if she reads this before i leave) and yet, i still fail to blog as often, if not more often than the rest. according to stalker, he has an address but is too lazy to do anything about it. xin has blogged twice maybe, after my last post and revonated a new cosy corner for herself. tasha too has blogged. overdresser himself has posted, albeit his uber busy schedule now that term has started.

but then again, maybe you might wanna take into account that they actually HAVE something to blog about. whereas poor ol' me has been stuck at home with nothing consequential to talk about in the first place. so nothing much.. just something for you guys to read and later say, what a lousy post. ah vells.

-if "yeah whatever" is what you call a reply, then maybe i'm missing the point-

Monday, January 16, 2006

long days and even longer nights

my nine very bestest best friends in one way or the other! am feeling kinda emo and all today.. nearly cried after my dad gave me the pep talk just now.. no actually i sorta did.. a few drop of tears did roll down my cheek.. thank god i managed to wipe it off before mum came in! don't think they need much introduction but i shall do it anyway.. startin from top left hand corner in the red top is me.. obviously.. then there's cel (my angel and les partner), lyn (my jie), dee dee (my mummy), mel (my kindy friend, a bit tomboy hence the handsome one but she's gettin real pretty these days), and stef (also the kindy one but only got to know her on a personal level in primary 5) then from the bottom left hand there's xin (my jie as well..but really she's the smart one), weiyi (my cs-ing parDner and crappin' partner), jayne (the smart one and the one who keeps me rooted so that i don't do anything stupid) and tasha (the mummy of the gang.. more so with her new specs) hahah... tasha's gonna murder me after this! well, jayne is in uk (got her mail today!) and so is angel.. the rest are in kl.. or rather damansara and subang jaya.. really miss them lots and lots.. sigh.. the next time i get to see them will be in dec.. sigh.. love them lots and lots..
if any of you are readin this, just wanna say take care, miss you lots and love you lots!

Monday, January 09, 2006

disclaimer plus a bit more

my brother stood up for me! well sorta..
mum came into the room just now and this was how the conversation went.. more or less laa..

mum : i'm not telling you to do sciences. you can do whatever it is that you'll like. i'm just saying that that's where the money is. if you don't believe me you ask your brother. then she went on about how without money i wouldn't have gotten my new samsung phone.. nor the straightened hair...

*brother was sitting at the pc hoping to not get implicated*

me : i just don't want to be stuck in a job that i don't like.

brother : i think that you should do what you have an interest in. no doubt that is where the money is. but if you have an interest in what you do, that should get you somewhere. *voice fades off as i silently cheer on my brother*

mum : *she was saying something.. but not that i was listening since my brother sort of spoke up for me.. AND that i was actually TRYING to catch what was happening in the apprentice. so yeah.*

ok now for the disclaimer part.
the post earlier was done almost immediately after the whole debacle. my mood was swinging like a pendulum and all.. i was like on the verge of tears already *y'know.. the works* and i was just plain irritated and annoyed and frustrated.. bla bla bla so the post was a lil extreme.. and there may have been parts which were exaggerated.. like my dad.. he din actually unwillingly agree.. he was quite okay with the idea la.. only that he wanted me to do math .. it was a do or die situation.. ah wells... you get my drift..

Sunday, January 08, 2006

can't live with em. can't live without em.

who or what can i not live with or without you ask? parents, i say.

my parents confuse me.. a LOT..

i started out wanting to venture into forensics. both of them disapproved saying that its a dirty job. the hours are irregular yada yada yada. it all boiled down to them sayin no, me saying yes and them winning the battle. fine.

parents 1 ; me 0

then when it got to choosing my subjects, i chose social sciences. dad unwillingly agreed but stated that i must do math even if i was to die doing it. fine.

parents 2 ; me 1

then when i told my mum bout doin social sciences, she said fine.

parents 2 ; me 2

and now, she keeps bugging me bout doin bio tech or food sciences cos thats where the money is yada yada yada. she is bugging me so much that i just feel like doing sciences just so she will get off my case. thats as good as her winning, no?

parents 3 ; me 2

then before that, she was telling me bout this family friend who's son secured a first class honours from a law degree in uk, was offered a job even before he graduated and now that he's graduated, the law firm is payin him to do his masters degree. isn't that counted as earning money and doing well? yet, when i asked her how much he was earning, all she said was that he has a first class honours and then promptly proceeded to leave the room. is she trying to say that i'm smart enough to do sciences, but not smart enough to get a first class in law? and that has left me in a state of utter depression not to mention low self esteem. she has won the battle once again, no?

parents 4 ; me 2

i give up. i told her i'd do sciences if that was what she really wanted. then she was like no no no.. i'm just nagging saying only.

parents 5 ; me 2

when i tell them i wanna do wedding planning instead of forensics, they scoff at the idea as well. i blatantly told it to them. i was like.. i told you i wanna do wedding planning. nobody listens to me. then they just scoff at the idea and pretend they din hear anything.

parents 6 ; me 2

they leave me confuse. very very confuse. not to mention with a dipping already low self esteem. parents! *rolls eyes* can't live with them. can't life without them.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

resolution 2005 2006

a lil late for resolutions you say? never! we're only five days into the new year!! there is ALWAYS time for resolutions.. question is, will i stick to it? come feb, i'll probably be like.. resolution? WHAT resolution? i made resolutions of no sort! *heh*

as far as i remember, no one whom i know makes yearly resolutions. or maybe they make it, but i just don't know of it. maybe dennis does. i dunno. as for me, i don't remember making resolutions for the past 17 years of my life. (are the i-must-do-well-in-exams-this-year counted?)

ok.. so resolution 2006 here we go

1. lose weight
hah! the ultimate number 1 on everyone's resolution list. ok maybe not everyone.. but this is a stupid resolution to make *no offence to those who do* its as good as sayin.. i'm gonna get straight As then just kick back, relax, enjoy and party your butts off right up till the night before the examinations. its just not gonna work. writing it down but not getting your damn ass off the couch and hitting the gym just ain't gonna cut it.

2. i'm gonna get straight As for all my examinations
yet another cliched resolution to say the least. cut yourself some slack.. its OKAYY to get a B.. trust me.. i fail! not all the time.. but yeah.. several times.. it ain't the end of the world. trust me.. if getting a B was the end of the world, i would have committed suicide a coupla times by now with no thanks to the failures.. just do your best and let god do the rest *oh no.. why am i sounding so holy?*

3. earn my 1st million by the end of the year
it ain't impossible.. but figures have shown that its not very possible either. meaning, unless you are kick-ass famous, or that you get lucky and strike it in lottery or sth, chances are if you are gonna be working a 9-5 job, you won't be getting your million by the end of the year. but no, i'm not asking you to go rob a bank or sth. don't be dumb.

4. i wanna fall madly, deeply and head over heels in love with prince charming/miss right
get a life. thats all i can say. i think you would have noticed by now that fairy tales do not exist. and btw, the more you wanna fall in love, the more you will fall out of it. sad to say..but it's true.. i mean.. we don't go around finding cupid.. cupid comes and looks for us. no wait..lemme correct that.. cupid shoots the arrow at us. oh and there's always the problem of whether or not we are actually in love or in love with the idea of being in love *quit staring at me.. dennis and that nicole girl in tiramisu said it*

4 resolutions and my brain is already on shutting down mode. guess i'm not cut out for this resolution business.. which is why.. i don't make em to begin with.. just having a lil fun here dissecting resolutions for the brand new year.. hahaha..

this comes a lil late no doubt.. but a
happy new year to one and all =)