Monday, January 23, 2006

3 more days

and so the countdown begins.. no actually i have been doing that on msn since i can't remember when.. twenty plus days maybe? oh wells.. three more days to me leaving.. my room is still in ONEBIGMESS. god forbid if i should ever decide to move my place of residence!

i should be ashamed of myself really.. i mean all i ever do at home is sit around.. do some light reading *i finished memoirs of a geisha* watch some movies *i watched memoirs twice! and narnia again* and waste my life away. (i'm not gonna include packing cos i barely did any of that. xin's gonna murder me if she reads this before i leave) and yet, i still fail to blog as often, if not more often than the rest. according to stalker, he has an address but is too lazy to do anything about it. xin has blogged twice maybe, after my last post and revonated a new cosy corner for herself. tasha too has blogged. overdresser himself has posted, albeit his uber busy schedule now that term has started.

but then again, maybe you might wanna take into account that they actually HAVE something to blog about. whereas poor ol' me has been stuck at home with nothing consequential to talk about in the first place. so nothing much.. just something for you guys to read and later say, what a lousy post. ah vells.

-if "yeah whatever" is what you call a reply, then maybe i'm missing the point-


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