Sunday, January 08, 2006

can't live with em. can't live without em.

who or what can i not live with or without you ask? parents, i say.

my parents confuse me.. a LOT..

i started out wanting to venture into forensics. both of them disapproved saying that its a dirty job. the hours are irregular yada yada yada. it all boiled down to them sayin no, me saying yes and them winning the battle. fine.

parents 1 ; me 0

then when it got to choosing my subjects, i chose social sciences. dad unwillingly agreed but stated that i must do math even if i was to die doing it. fine.

parents 2 ; me 1

then when i told my mum bout doin social sciences, she said fine.

parents 2 ; me 2

and now, she keeps bugging me bout doin bio tech or food sciences cos thats where the money is yada yada yada. she is bugging me so much that i just feel like doing sciences just so she will get off my case. thats as good as her winning, no?

parents 3 ; me 2

then before that, she was telling me bout this family friend who's son secured a first class honours from a law degree in uk, was offered a job even before he graduated and now that he's graduated, the law firm is payin him to do his masters degree. isn't that counted as earning money and doing well? yet, when i asked her how much he was earning, all she said was that he has a first class honours and then promptly proceeded to leave the room. is she trying to say that i'm smart enough to do sciences, but not smart enough to get a first class in law? and that has left me in a state of utter depression not to mention low self esteem. she has won the battle once again, no?

parents 4 ; me 2

i give up. i told her i'd do sciences if that was what she really wanted. then she was like no no no.. i'm just nagging saying only.

parents 5 ; me 2

when i tell them i wanna do wedding planning instead of forensics, they scoff at the idea as well. i blatantly told it to them. i was like.. i told you i wanna do wedding planning. nobody listens to me. then they just scoff at the idea and pretend they din hear anything.

parents 6 ; me 2

they leave me confuse. very very confuse. not to mention with a dipping already low self esteem. parents! *rolls eyes* can't live with them. can't life without them.


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