Wednesday, April 29, 2009

long time coming

wow.. i don't remember the last time i ventured into this page.. i dare say i can see cobwebs peeking through the corners of it..

looking at my insane schedule this month, i can't help but hit myself over the head for doing this to myself. what the hell did i sign myself up for??? *whacks self over the head*

have got
- equity test this saturday worth 25%
- 3000 word intellectual property essay worth 25%(?) the friday after that
- 1500 word political science essay worth 30% the friday after the intellectual property essay
- iLaksa night on saturday, which i am in charge of decorations
- 3 page commercial law essay worth 25%(?) the friday the political science essay
- political science test worth 25% one and a half weeks after my commercial law essay
- company, intellectual property and commercial mid year/final exams in a span of two weeks, a week after my political science test

really... what have i signed myself up for???
AND i am going to get my results back for my previous political science test.. all this waiting will be the death of me. honestly. >.<
at least i'm going to watch miss saigon this weekend.

help me someone, i can hardly breathe!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

my phone is dying

this summer just past, i commented to my mum that i dread the day i have to change my phone as there are too many models with too many functions, and well basically far too many to choose from. i would have problems trying to decide which brand to go with, let alone which model within that brand.

just as my luck would have it, i think my phone is on the verge of death. it kept lagging today, images wouldn't come up, it hangs, the screen comes up with blurred lines.

oh dear god... help me.