Tuesday, February 27, 2007


i feel lost. confused. betrayed.

i don't know what the hell is going on anymore.

why can't life be a little simpler?

maybe thats just the beauty of it - just so we would appreciate the good days a lil more.

wish she would tell me the truth.

has my worse fear finally become reality?

its true what they say - its always the ones closest to you who hurts you the most.

Friday, February 23, 2007

meet the parent part two

yes people. there is a part two to it. tomorrow. lunch at strawberry fare though they serve tonnes of chocolate. all their desserts are chocolate based or have something to do with chocolate.

that and i finally have internet in my room thanks to reuben! my next door neighbour... heh!

will blog again regarding meet the parent part two =)

and sorry for the long absence from the tagboard. but no worries i have forgotten no one. just that i havent got internet at all. so yeah.. havent been online at all :( thanks for all the support people! heheh

Sunday, February 18, 2007

meet the parent at honey pot brealkfast

first and foremost

gong xi fa cai and happy cheena new year to anyone and everyone who reads this blog!

now that THAT it out of the way, yesterday, Saturday 17th Feb 07 was a nerve wrecking day for both vin and me sinced it was meet the parent day! technically he met her the day before when i went to pick up boxes to do my packing but that was all but 5 minutes.. yesterday, now THAT was the real mccoy. conversation was light and minimal on vin's part since he was scared out of his wits for having to sit down for breakfast with mum, aunt sue, william, justin and nicholas (my three cousins) and me. vin was supposed to buy breakfast but mum bought in the end. after which the both of us followed mum and aunt sue to run errands and to view houses for william. midway, we ditched the both of them and went for pool with jo and fran. at the end of it, i must say it went pretty well, but nothing was final till she said the word.

so when i got back we had reunion dinner and all, then i was doing the dishes with mum.. and this was how THE conversation went.

me : so what do you think of vincent?

mum : (tries to hide a smile) yeah.. he seems like a nice boy. decent looking. kinda soft spoken.

me : uhm yeah okay (grinning from ear to ear inside and heart does a backflip!)

later that night, mum came into my room and said "dnt worry.. i think vincent seems like a nice boy. so what did he get you for valentines?"

whooopdeedoo! she approves! yay!! *prances around*

the fact that she called him vincent is sooo totally a huge thing considering before we left the house is morning she went "is your uh.. friend ready?" *roflmfao!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

vday 07

i should really try and blog a bit more.. but the fact that i am unwillingly and miserably stuck on dialup isnt any help. so yeah.


hope everyone had a great one! i know i did.. candles, flowers, chocolates, girly flick the works! heh :D that and i got to play pool.. though i must say tht my skills suck and i tend to get the ones with the weirdest angles in..

to all my BFFs.. yes.. all 9 of you.. all my love from me to you this valentines! mwah mwah mwah!

to all my mates... happy valentines and hope you guys had a good one..

ok. have to go pack. moving into the halls this sunday. should really be more productive. oh wells. hehe..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

8th of Feb

HOMG *quote unquote huei* its the 8th of Feb tomorrow! Tomorrow is the day I fly! Tomorrow is the day i retake my driving exam! HOMFG!

has it already been two months? didn't seem too long ago when me, weiyi and xin were chilling in angel's nicely made bed waiting for her to return from the airport.. and now, its time for me to fly back to nz already.

Everyone's been asking me if i'm excited to go back and so on and so forth.

Honestly, deep down inside, i can't help but feel a lil bit of me screaming no NO NOOOOOOO its way too fast! i dnt want to have to leave tash, mel and lyn here again. i mean.. hello?!?! i used to be able to see mel every single day of the week for school and tuition and then get to go on the phone with her as well whenever i felt like it. and lyn could just come stay over whenever she could or wanted to.. she might as well just have a lil corner of her own stuff tucked away in my room so she need not pack each time she wants to come over... sighh.... and where else on this entire earth would i get food prepared for me whenever im hungry.. laundry done for me.. the comforts of home! im going to get robbed of it AGAIN. sadly.

I really really miss those days with the rest of the BFFs when we could just go hang out whenever. we could even just call like 15 mins before going over.. and now, we're separated by sea, land and.. sky?!

but on the other hand, like what pan said to me last night, i will always have my nz friends with me no matter what. .that and i do miss them! every single one of them. huei, leo, yilin, thomas, michael, pan, jo, amanda and of course vin! you guys are missed tonnes! trust me!

sometimes, i just wish that i could have the best of both worlds.. and have both my BFFs and NZ friends with me together at the same time. but sadly, my two circle of friends are like a mutually exclusive venn diagram. destined to never have an intersection. sigh.

to my bffs, you guys are gonna be dearly missed.. vin shld know that.. he's gonna have to listen to me go on and on about how much i miss u guys..

and to my nz friends.. hold on tight people.. im coming back! :D

Monday, February 05, 2007

noodles for breakfast

note to self. maggi mee tastes horrible no matter how hungry one is.
no seriously. it does.
i woke up bout 15 mins ago tummy growling after not eating anything since lunch yesterday. as i ventured downstairs into the kitchen, i was bombarded with questions by the grandmother which really didnt help the throbbing pain at the back of my skull.
and so, i walked into the dry kitchen and pulled out a packet of maggi mee since that was pretty much the simplest thing to cook.
and now, here i am in my room blogging with a half eaten bowl of maggi mee beside me. and i feel like puking. OMFG. i've forgotten how much i hate maggi mee. (due to the maggi mee for lunch nearly every day during form 4)
so yeah. from now on until forever, i shall never never NEVER eat maggi mee.
should have just paid the extra three dollars and called for mackers. damn.