Sunday, February 18, 2007

meet the parent at honey pot brealkfast

first and foremost

gong xi fa cai and happy cheena new year to anyone and everyone who reads this blog!

now that THAT it out of the way, yesterday, Saturday 17th Feb 07 was a nerve wrecking day for both vin and me sinced it was meet the parent day! technically he met her the day before when i went to pick up boxes to do my packing but that was all but 5 minutes.. yesterday, now THAT was the real mccoy. conversation was light and minimal on vin's part since he was scared out of his wits for having to sit down for breakfast with mum, aunt sue, william, justin and nicholas (my three cousins) and me. vin was supposed to buy breakfast but mum bought in the end. after which the both of us followed mum and aunt sue to run errands and to view houses for william. midway, we ditched the both of them and went for pool with jo and fran. at the end of it, i must say it went pretty well, but nothing was final till she said the word.

so when i got back we had reunion dinner and all, then i was doing the dishes with mum.. and this was how THE conversation went.

me : so what do you think of vincent?

mum : (tries to hide a smile) yeah.. he seems like a nice boy. decent looking. kinda soft spoken.

me : uhm yeah okay (grinning from ear to ear inside and heart does a backflip!)

later that night, mum came into my room and said "dnt worry.. i think vincent seems like a nice boy. so what did he get you for valentines?"

whooopdeedoo! she approves! yay!! *prances around*

the fact that she called him vincent is sooo totally a huge thing considering before we left the house is morning she went "is your uh.. friend ready?" *roflmfao!


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