Monday, February 05, 2007

noodles for breakfast

note to self. maggi mee tastes horrible no matter how hungry one is.
no seriously. it does.
i woke up bout 15 mins ago tummy growling after not eating anything since lunch yesterday. as i ventured downstairs into the kitchen, i was bombarded with questions by the grandmother which really didnt help the throbbing pain at the back of my skull.
and so, i walked into the dry kitchen and pulled out a packet of maggi mee since that was pretty much the simplest thing to cook.
and now, here i am in my room blogging with a half eaten bowl of maggi mee beside me. and i feel like puking. OMFG. i've forgotten how much i hate maggi mee. (due to the maggi mee for lunch nearly every day during form 4)
so yeah. from now on until forever, i shall never never NEVER eat maggi mee.
should have just paid the extra three dollars and called for mackers. damn.


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