Tuesday, June 28, 2005


the weather has been rather merciful these few days...thank god...the bloomin hot weather about a week ago could have killed us or something!

ok..so on thursday, lyn, kysha, tasha, sean and i went out to watch initial d. 5 minutes before add math ended, all of us were rushing to pack our bags and to get out of class. vasantha was very amused watching us waiting by the door to get out asap. lol. overall, the show was very good although i did not quite like the ending. i still stand by my opinion that edison chen is far cuter than jay chou. *melts*. after the show, we went to vivos, where we watched sean and tasha dissect their turkey ham panini. i kid you not. they were literally dissecting it!

friday was dooms day for many a convent girl. open day...my mum was there bright and early seeing how she had to rush to work. she did not talk to emilda which i'm not sure whether or not is a good thing. mrs koo did not extol praises on me but neither did she say anything bad. which is not too bad i would guess. said i was straightforward and direct. very helpful. no discipline problems. an avid reader. predicts a mixture of A1s and A2s for the big one. overall, good. so there. and as parents were in there gossipping about us kids, and we kids were outside wrecking our brains as to what our teachers could possibly say, i was outside the hall trying to get parents to purchase the 80th anniversary t-shirts. not exactly the greatest sales as most kids would have bought the shirt before the concert. oh, and we also did our peka on friday. after that, i went to pp to meet up with dennis and his sister, yvonne. and dennis HAD to intro it this way. "yvonne meet yvonne and yvonne meet yvonne." VERY funny dennis, if you are reading this. BUT, yvonne and i had TREMENDOUS fun poking fun and irritating the hell out of dennis. lol. some of my school and classmates shot me funny looks when they saw me with this UNKNOWN guy. good god, if only they knew. too bad marge did not want to join us. hehehe. it would have been fun as yvonne and i were picturing dennis and marge. TOGETHER. lol...

saturday. hmm, was in school on saturday morning. doing nothing. then i came back, had lunch and OFF TO TUITION! two boring hours of physics. thank god for friends. lol. then came back, slept, dinner, and i came online. so basically, i did nothing on saturday except being a lazy bum that i am. lol.

sunday was no different. only got down to doing work at about 7sth in the evening. lol. fun! weekends should ALWAYS be like this. just lazing around doing nothing. or doing the things we love so much and not rushing around the place and having no time to enjoy life...

yesterday and today was as usual. rushing work and work and work. however, there was a little extra today. we had to finish 3 pekas....grr....after geetha left our class, we continued with our chemistry lab report. noraini came in to teach history but all of us were so engrossed in our chemistry. all we did was greet her, and sat back down to continue writing. after 10 minutes or so, we asked if we were done and we said no. that was it. the fate of her history class was sealed. even if she was to teach history, no one would listen. therefore, she just decided to ditch the idea of teaching at all! hahahahaha...

tomorrow we will be dancing for english week. it all started with english folk dancing, but over the years, it has evolved into line dancing and sorts. can't wait. we'll be dancing to don't phunk with my heart. lol.

+ cassie over and out +

p.s. can't believe dt actually knows the song don't phunk with my heart

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

bloomin hot weather

after a few days of bloomin hot weather, the heavens has decided to spare us malaysian mortals of going through such agony...rain has finally fallen today! a long long wait undoubtly....ok so maybe it hasn't been all THAT long...but its been long enough..

so, its dooms day for us convent peeps on friday....well, most of us at least..it is once again, open day. the last open day of my life. for high school that is. time has passed so fast, it is somewhat unbelievable.

for the past few days, we have been loaded on with homework after homework after homework....what a pain.... i am just staying up till late everyday trying to complete my homework...

gonna have to start thinking positively to get through this life of mine...*chants "think positive...think positive...think positive....i can get through this...."* i must stop thinking so negatively....i'm gonna get through this alive, sane, safe, sound and better than ever! or at least i hope so...

pretty short one today...but i'm having a slight headache..probably because of the lack of sleep or something .. *yawns*

+ cassie off to bed +

Saturday, June 18, 2005


it is blardee hot out there...no wait..a lil exaggerated...it has cooled down a lot more compared to the afternoon...maybe i should not have slept for so long...it did nothing but served to worsen my headache....the heat and i just do not mix.... therefore...no 1. reason to go somewhere which has 4 seasons and to never come back here. the heat. g r r ....

got up bright and early this morning to go for foa. should have gone at 9.55 seeing how it only started at 10+! and there was this girl there at the registration who was like, "you can't wear sleeveless in here.." and i was like.. "well, what do you want me to do?? conjure a jacket or something?" brainless git....i mean, they did not say anything about attire...in the ticket or otherwise...anyway, this year's turn up was much better than the last.... and surprise surprise...guess who i saw there....wan ... hmm...didn't think he'd go this year...like SOMEONE i know of...you KNOW who you are and i KNOW you are going to tag using the name someone, but now that i mentioned it....you would use something else....anyway, we, meaning xin, lyn, tasha, mel and i got there bout 0845 or slightly later...hung out with a whole bunch of convent girls...we were A RIOT!! just making noise and laughing and laughing and laughing...oh and we were people spotting...we also sang hema a birthday song...heheh...which reminds me, thank you alven for the millionth time..lol...for the tix....heheh...owe you one ;) then we hung out inside the hall for bout an hour or so....complaining about the heat...and having a good laugh at this girl who was decked out in shocking pink from head to toe as well as the many people who had jeans which could not cover their butt cheeks...the cracks at least..

wore my arm warmers, had my nails painted black and wore my black lipstick...heheh...everyone was staring at me...and as i was walking in, this guy who walked past me went WOAHHH....right in front of me..talk about being subtle....but i can't blame them i guess, its not everyday you see a girl with black lipstick...not in malaysia at least....and evelyn had one thing to say to me..."so THIS is how you're like out of school!"...lol.....saw this guy there who was dressed somewhat...like the guy from chemical romance in the video helena...he was taping for this band who sang nirvana's smells like teen spirit....they....decimated the song..killed it to say the least...there were many other bands who performed...most of them, the guitar and the and the drums were good but the vocalist was lousy....there was this band who sang welcome to my life....he was on a monotone....as xin would put it..he was not even singing,...he was merely reading out the words...lol....and there was this guy who looked like he had drugs or sth..he was like sooo high...and jumping and jumping and jumping...and his pants was falling...and falling...and falling...hahahah...it was really not something we wanted to see...leroy's self written piece was pretty good....twas bout this guy who liked this girl, and wanted to be the only one for her..and didn't want her to be with nobody else but him....pretty good...and the vocals were pretty smooth...lol..and of course...the reason most convent girls turned up at foa...to support yiswaree...she sang beautiful a capella style simply because they had lost her cd...and she was pretty damn good....she won first prize and she beat the girl who supposedly went for malaysian idol...hehehe...ALL the convent girls were cheering her on from behind and from in front...she was VERY good....

then we had a break where i hung out with jayne, hema, kysha, lyn and also val, joy and alven where he was complaining bout my black lipstick on the straw...lol....after andrew's performance we left for cs where we had lunch and then headed off to physics tuition...

that is about it from me today...hehe

+ cassie over and out +

Friday, June 17, 2005

need to post!

i really need to blog more often from now on. wait, that was what i said last week. oh wells. was just in a daze for the whole week. think it was the whole "oh no! there goes my holidays!" thing you know...was just sleeping half the time throughout the week and today in bm, i stared at the floor for five minutes...FIVE FULL MINUTES!

feel like i'm going through a mid life crisis on the finding myself crap and all...and i'm sixteen...it really DOES say a lot about my life span now doesn't it?

had those sour tapes for lunch...lol...if you guys have NO idea about what i'm going on and on about, it is this long tape like thing that comes in coke, strawberry, blueberry and green apple. though i only eat the coke and green apple one la...so sour....my drink however, was sweet...hehe..redeemed a chocolate ice blended from coffee bean...hehe...the guy just automatically packed it in a paper bag and all.. and i was like...is it THAT obvious that i'm going to tuition? anyway, each time i stuck my head into the paper bag to reach the straw which seemed to be six feet deep, everyone said i looked like i was puking my guts out in it..lol...and when everyone saw that i was holding onto a coffee bean bag, they were like "you very rich eh".....thing was, they didn't know it was redeemed...lol

and as aptly as angel would put it...kingdom has come! lin, lyn, xin, tasha, esther, andrew and i as well as evie, adrian and vincent moved to the front of the class today. like the front front. directly in front of the white board and yet i was still busy messaging away...lol...and teacher could not be any more bothered. i was concentrating quite a bit though. so much that i pointed out a little itsy bitsy theory of how hang jebat could have been gay since he displayed such shock when told that he had an admirer, that being li po.. or whatever.ok..think i gotta stop here....i can already feel angel breathing down my neck and shooting me the evil eye bout going on and on about bm..

tomorrow is foa...probably the last one i'll ever attend. my nails are already painted black. have to remember bout my black lipstick. joy will positively scream when i see her. however, i would definitely like to see alven's reaction and the reaction of those around me..hahaha...interesting interesting...

oh wells....think that's about it tonight

joke of the day
this mother had always nurtured her child to grow up with self confidence.
so one night, as she was walking out of the room after tucking in her daughter to bed, she said out loud, "i love you, joy." and the daughter replied, "i love me too!"

- adapted from readers' digest -

+ cassie over and out +

Saturday, June 11, 2005

missing you

its a friday once again. saturday morning more like it considering its 0111 hours..lol..nice...its been a while since i blogged...need to update my blog a bit more often from now on...it gets a lil boring starring at the same post day after day for some of you i know...my apologies but usually, i can only blog after 12 midnight and if i'm in THE mood to...lolz...

today...those admin girls did not come and bug me...weird...two hours in bm was used mostly for messaging...i was sitting at the back of class...in the aisle itself and my phone was on the table and i was happily messaging away.. teacher din say anything..as usual...i seriously think that NO ONE actually listens to him and only copies when he writes something on the board. other than that, it is all but meaningless rambles..haha...need to start concentrating..this just isn't gonna help me in my exams...chemistry on the other hand was more fruitful..finished topic 3 which was pengoksidaan..teacher says we've got but two more topics left and that they are pretty short..which is good..which is VERY good..

slept for less than 8 hours last night...thanks to having to wake up at 7...and yet i'm not sleepy yet....hmm...so much for coma girl..but i know that when school starts..i'm gonna start sleeping like a log again..lol...i NEED to kick off the habit of sleeping too much..it kills....anyway...as i was saying..i woke up at 7...went for dental appointment...then i went for lunch with tasha at kinsahi which surprisingly only costed me a tenner...then we headed off to a gruelling four hours of tuition...it was noisy no doubt in tuition but a lot of people weren't there...for example...lynette and andrew...

one question for all who frequent my blog and do tag me your comments...do you believe in fate and destiny? that everything in life is fated and predestined...that no matter what you do....it has already been foretold and fore-calculated in the grand design of life....so no matter what you do..you can't actually change it..cos even if you do change it.....the change is written in the stars...okok..i think i'm beginning to make no sense around here...point being...is it true that everything in life is already planned out for us and that all we have to do is just live it out? i guess i sorta believe in it...seeing how i go around saying that if its meant to be it will be...if its meant to happen it will happen...take the story of serendipity...the girl was so faithful to her believe that everything in life is fated..and in the end? they had to wait oh so long before they were reunited...but was it that they were really fated to meet only after so long or was it a pure coincidence that he found the book with her number in it and she found that note folded into a heart shape...or was it the other way around..no matter...do tag me your comments kay?

+ cassie over and out +

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

stef's bday

it's stef's birthday today!! another one joining the seventeen club. lol. however, that woman feels like she's 70 more than 17. i, on the contrary, feel like i am 16 going on 6...i don't feel 16 or like a form five at all, feel more like a form one kid....sigh..where la did my four off years in school go to..

anyway, today we headed out to cs after tuition...had lunch...walked around a bit and then went to watch a lot like love, starring ashton kutcher and amanda peet...wasn't all that great...could have been better...good thing we only paid 6 bucks for it i guess..there were so many kissing scenes in there..little wonder how demi moore is still with him...hmm...2nd ashton movie of the month...lol...oh ya..they played the initial-d trailer before the movie...xin and i were literally hyperventilating in there...but they showed neither edison nor jay..sad...they just showed them drifting on the highway and that cup of water....sigh....kysha who was sitting between xin and i as well as stef who was sitting next to me could not help but show a look of boredom when they saw xin and i hyperventilating..lol..MUST go watch initial-d.. *melts* and i turned to stef and proclaimed, "i want a guy who can do drifting..or at least speeds!" lol..desperate i know..

btw, if anyone did not know, pink is the new black this season. so whoever who is allergic to pink, my advise to you is to keep yourself at home and stay there. do NOT go out to cs especially...everyone is decked out in pink and at least 20 items in EVERY shop is pink..if not, has a splash of pink on it..eurgh...this is sick...though you may spot me occasionally in pink, i am for one definitely NOT a pink lover...please take note..good luck to those who love pink...pink panther much?

+ cassie over and out +

Friday, June 03, 2005


question. why are soo many people born in the month of june? i just found out that another friend of mine, her birthday falls in the month of june. am gonna have to start thinking as to what to get her..hmm...any suggestions peeps? two more presents i have to get *makes a mental note out of it*

jayne is still in cambodia on her mission trip..wonder how she is coping there? oh wells, she ought to be back by monday or something...hope she is fine...

no tuition tomorrow..wheeee....think i am going to go to s'pore...yayness!! can shop for more books...hehehe...gonna have to watch my spending from now on.. am a little short on moolah although it is already the start of a new month..which means more cash..heheh...allowance!!

had four gruelling hours of tuition this afternoon atfer an hour of music class... music class was not all THAT bad come to think of it...managed to get through it at least..heheh....bm tuition however, was as irritating as it could get with many thanks to those STUPID otc admin girls..they REALLY are a very very VERY irritating bunch..they keep peeping through the glass panel to check on the class and it just doesn't help that they PREFER to peep through the side where andrew and i are sitting...they cannot peep from the OTHER side...nooo...they HAVE to peep in from MY side...assholes...anyway, today i got "told off" though technically it was just stupid hand gestures through the glass panels for wearing my earrings and she was watching me take it off AND she came back to check on me AFTER that! it was black mind you...it COULD have been shocking pink or lime green..the earring that is....THEN she "gestured" at us as we "were not copying" when in the first place, teacher was actually explaining and there was SIMPLY no need for us to copy anything..it DOES NOT mean that if we are not copying, we are not paying attention! i mean, the way I see it, the more they come and check on us, the more distracting it is...grrr....and they have this STUPID rule that does not permit girls and guys to be seated NEXT to each other..which i find PARTICULARLY dumb..it is not as if the two of us were distracting the class or making out at the back of the class or something!! dumbassess...and anyway, like what xin said.. if something was going to happen, not letting a girl and a guy sit together for two hours just is not going to make THAT much of a difference... so THERE...there's NO stopping it :p

think that is gonna be all for the night

i wonder if i take you home
would you still be in love baby
if you smoke, i smoke too
that's how much i'm in love with you

black eyed peas
don't phunk with my heart

+ cassie over and out +

Thursday, June 02, 2005

crazy little thing called love

just got back from retail therapy with angel. and man, the heat out there is extreme. if you got lost within the first few words, well, all i'm trying to say is that i just got back from shopping with angel and it is very hot out there. even looking out of the window is getting me sweating buckets...eugh....quite a fruitful day today...settled stef and sarah's present. now its left with colin's...hmm...what to get colin...what to get colin...angel suggested a cap or a shirt. i did think of a cap but that would mean going down to cs...hmm....have to see how first....have to sort out stef's gathering as well. another thing to do tonight other than bm and chem ttn homework...what else is there to do tonight...ooh...chase and first mums and lost...wanna see whether it is as good as they say it is....homework homework homework...3 chem essays...now THAT'S gonna be a task...

as i have noticed recently, there is one word that i always come into contact with for some funny reason. and that word is jealousy. yes, as angel and i would put it, that J word....brings along many a sigh...so what exactly IS with that J word?!?! sigh...love...makes one do many a crazy thing...seriously.
as i see many a person around me falling helplessly in and out of love, i have no idea whether or not being in love is a good thing. with love comes so many things. commitment. jealousy. the feeling of being loved. the insecurities that come along with it. okay..so maybe i'm just being paranoid and that i really should not be dissecting love the way i am but hey! i can't help it. it's nice though. seeing people in love. going around with goofy smiles. knowing that there will always be that special someone waiting for them at the other end of the line. that no matter what happens, that someone will always be on their side, supporting them. that someone to fall back on. sigh...love...four letters that mean so much. yet, as we all know, you cannot actually go looking for love. love comes looking for you. just when you least expect it. funny how it works doesn't it? cupid loves playing tricks on us mere mortals.
however, i must say that i am quite enjoying singlehood...no one to answer to and all..heheh..althought there are people like zhiyung who thinks that i am attached and melissa who simply would not let go of the lil fact that him and i aren't actually going out. grrr...

this thing called love i just can't handle it
this thing called love i must get round to it
i ain't ready
i kinda like it
crazy little thing called love

+ crazy little thing called love +
+ queen +

+ cassie over and out +

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

5th day!

fifth day into holidays and i have done absolutely nothing. lol. except laze about and .. and... do nothing! hahaha...angel and stef got back from camp already. this morning, i had tuition and then kysha, tasha, mel, xin and i went lepak at cs.. also to watch madagascar. thinking of going out again tomorrow. go lepak with angel and get some stuff done. as long as i can get out of the house, i am happy. not like i don't get home before six anyway before that empress dowager gives me a shelling again like how she did this morning. haven't got any plans for the holidays. think i will most probably be cooped up in my room, up to no good, as usual....heheh..
however, that is really really REALLY far from how my holidays should have been. have got loads of uncompleted homework which i really need to get down to but nooo...what am i going to do? hang around and be a utter and complete useless bum. hahah. got loads of books i wanna buy but times in cs is closed! can you believe that?!?! even my brother knew it before i did. which only goes to prove one thing. how long it has been since i've been down to cs. sad sad.

quote of the day
i like to move it move it

+ cassie over and out +