Tuesday, June 07, 2005

stef's bday

it's stef's birthday today!! another one joining the seventeen club. lol. however, that woman feels like she's 70 more than 17. i, on the contrary, feel like i am 16 going on 6...i don't feel 16 or like a form five at all, feel more like a form one kid....sigh..where la did my four off years in school go to..

anyway, today we headed out to cs after tuition...had lunch...walked around a bit and then went to watch a lot like love, starring ashton kutcher and amanda peet...wasn't all that great...could have been better...good thing we only paid 6 bucks for it i guess..there were so many kissing scenes in there..little wonder how demi moore is still with him...hmm...2nd ashton movie of the month...lol...oh ya..they played the initial-d trailer before the movie...xin and i were literally hyperventilating in there...but they showed neither edison nor jay..sad...they just showed them drifting on the highway and that cup of water....sigh....kysha who was sitting between xin and i as well as stef who was sitting next to me could not help but show a look of boredom when they saw xin and i hyperventilating..lol..MUST go watch initial-d.. *melts* and i turned to stef and proclaimed, "i want a guy who can do drifting..or at least speeds!" lol..desperate i know..

btw, if anyone did not know, pink is the new black this season. so whoever who is allergic to pink, my advise to you is to keep yourself at home and stay there. do NOT go out to cs especially...everyone is decked out in pink and at least 20 items in EVERY shop is pink..if not, has a splash of pink on it..eurgh...this is sick...though you may spot me occasionally in pink, i am for one definitely NOT a pink lover...please take note..good luck to those who love pink...pink panther much?

+ cassie over and out +


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