Saturday, June 11, 2005

missing you

its a friday once again. saturday morning more like it considering its 0111 been a while since i blogged...need to update my blog a bit more often from now gets a lil boring starring at the same post day after day for some of you i apologies but usually, i can only blog after 12 midnight and if i'm in THE mood to...lolz...

today...those admin girls did not come and bug me...weird...two hours in bm was used mostly for messaging...i was sitting at the back of the aisle itself and my phone was on the table and i was happily messaging away.. teacher din say usual...i seriously think that NO ONE actually listens to him and only copies when he writes something on the board. other than that, it is all but meaningless rambles..haha...need to start concentrating..this just isn't gonna help me in my exams...chemistry on the other hand was more fruitful..finished topic 3 which was pengoksidaan..teacher says we've got but two more topics left and that they are pretty short..which is good..which is VERY good..

slept for less than 8 hours last night...thanks to having to wake up at 7...and yet i'm not sleepy much for coma girl..but i know that when school starts..i'm gonna start sleeping like a log NEED to kick off the habit of sleeping too i was saying..i woke up at 7...went for dental appointment...then i went for lunch with tasha at kinsahi which surprisingly only costed me a tenner...then we headed off to a gruelling four hours of was noisy no doubt in tuition but a lot of people weren't there...for example...lynette and andrew...

one question for all who frequent my blog and do tag me your you believe in fate and destiny? that everything in life is fated and predestined...that no matter what you has already been foretold and fore-calculated in the grand design of no matter what you can't actually change it..cos even if you do change it.....the change is written in the stars...okok..i think i'm beginning to make no sense around here...point it true that everything in life is already planned out for us and that all we have to do is just live it out? i guess i sorta believe in it...seeing how i go around saying that if its meant to be it will be...if its meant to happen it will happen...take the story of serendipity...the girl was so faithful to her believe that everything in life is fated..and in the end? they had to wait oh so long before they were reunited...but was it that they were really fated to meet only after so long or was it a pure coincidence that he found the book with her number in it and she found that note folded into a heart shape...or was it the other way tag me your comments kay?

+ cassie over and out +


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