Friday, June 03, 2005


question. why are soo many people born in the month of june? i just found out that another friend of mine, her birthday falls in the month of june. am gonna have to start thinking as to what to get her..hmm...any suggestions peeps? two more presents i have to get *makes a mental note out of it*

jayne is still in cambodia on her mission trip..wonder how she is coping there? oh wells, she ought to be back by monday or something...hope she is fine...

no tuition tomorrow..wheeee....think i am going to go to s'pore...yayness!! can shop for more books...hehehe...gonna have to watch my spending from now on.. am a little short on moolah although it is already the start of a new month..which means more cash..heheh...allowance!!

had four gruelling hours of tuition this afternoon atfer an hour of music class... music class was not all THAT bad come to think of it...managed to get through it at tuition however, was as irritating as it could get with many thanks to those STUPID otc admin girls..they REALLY are a very very VERY irritating bunch..they keep peeping through the glass panel to check on the class and it just doesn't help that they PREFER to peep through the side where andrew and i are sitting...they cannot peep from the OTHER side...nooo...they HAVE to peep in from MY side...assholes...anyway, today i got "told off" though technically it was just stupid hand gestures through the glass panels for wearing my earrings and she was watching me take it off AND she came back to check on me AFTER that! it was black mind COULD have been shocking pink or lime green..the earring that is....THEN she "gestured" at us as we "were not copying" when in the first place, teacher was actually explaining and there was SIMPLY no need for us to copy DOES NOT mean that if we are not copying, we are not paying attention! i mean, the way I see it, the more they come and check on us, the more distracting it is...grrr....and they have this STUPID rule that does not permit girls and guys to be seated NEXT to each other..which i find PARTICULARLY is not as if the two of us were distracting the class or making out at the back of the class or something!! dumbassess...and anyway, like what xin said.. if something was going to happen, not letting a girl and a guy sit together for two hours just is not going to make THAT much of a difference... so THERE...there's NO stopping it :p

think that is gonna be all for the night

i wonder if i take you home
would you still be in love baby
if you smoke, i smoke too
that's how much i'm in love with you

black eyed peas
don't phunk with my heart

+ cassie over and out +


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