Saturday, June 18, 2005


it is blardee hot out wait..a lil has cooled down a lot more compared to the afternoon...maybe i should not have slept for so did nothing but served to worsen my headache....the heat and i just do not mix.... 1. reason to go somewhere which has 4 seasons and to never come back here. the heat. g r r ....

got up bright and early this morning to go for foa. should have gone at 9.55 seeing how it only started at 10+! and there was this girl there at the registration who was like, "you can't wear sleeveless in here.." and i was like.. "well, what do you want me to do?? conjure a jacket or something?" brainless git....i mean, they did not say anything about the ticket or otherwise...anyway, this year's turn up was much better than the last.... and surprise surprise...guess who i saw there....wan ... hmm...didn't think he'd go this SOMEONE i know KNOW who you are and i KNOW you are going to tag using the name someone, but now that i mentioned would use something else....anyway, we, meaning xin, lyn, tasha, mel and i got there bout 0845 or slightly later...hung out with a whole bunch of convent girls...we were A RIOT!! just making noise and laughing and laughing and laughing...oh and we were people spotting...we also sang hema a birthday song...heheh...which reminds me, thank you alven for the millionth the tix....heheh...owe you one ;) then we hung out inside the hall for bout an hour or so....complaining about the heat...and having a good laugh at this girl who was decked out in shocking pink from head to toe as well as the many people who had jeans which could not cover their butt cheeks...the cracks at least..

wore my arm warmers, had my nails painted black and wore my black lipstick...heheh...everyone was staring at me...and as i was walking in, this guy who walked past me went WOAHHH....right in front of about being subtle....but i can't blame them i guess, its not everyday you see a girl with black lipstick...not in malaysia at least....and evelyn had one thing to say to me..."so THIS is how you're like out of school!" this guy there who was dressed the guy from chemical romance in the video helena...he was taping for this band who sang nirvana's smells like teen spirit....they....decimated the song..killed it to say the least...there were many other bands who performed...most of them, the guitar and the and the drums were good but the vocalist was lousy....there was this band who sang welcome to my life....he was on a xin would put it..he was not even singing,...he was merely reading out the there was this guy who looked like he had drugs or sth..he was like sooo high...and jumping and jumping and jumping...and his pants was falling...and falling...and was really not something we wanted to see...leroy's self written piece was pretty good....twas bout this guy who liked this girl, and wanted to be the only one for her..and didn't want her to be with nobody else but him....pretty good...and the vocals were pretty of course...the reason most convent girls turned up at support yiswaree...she sang beautiful a capella style simply because they had lost her cd...and she was pretty damn good....she won first prize and she beat the girl who supposedly went for malaysian idol...hehehe...ALL the convent girls were cheering her on from behind and from in front...she was VERY good....

then we had a break where i hung out with jayne, hema, kysha, lyn and also val, joy and alven where he was complaining bout my black lipstick on the andrew's performance we left for cs where we had lunch and then headed off to physics tuition...

that is about it from me today...hehe

+ cassie over and out +


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