Tuesday, June 21, 2005

bloomin hot weather

after a few days of bloomin hot weather, the heavens has decided to spare us malaysian mortals of going through such agony...rain has finally fallen today! a long long wait undoubtly....ok so maybe it hasn't been all THAT long...but its been long enough..

so, its dooms day for us convent peeps on friday....well, most of us at least..it is once again, open day. the last open day of my life. for high school that is. time has passed so fast, it is somewhat unbelievable.

for the past few days, we have been loaded on with homework after homework after homework....what a pain.... i am just staying up till late everyday trying to complete my homework...

gonna have to start thinking positively to get through this life of mine...*chants "think positive...think positive...think positive....i can get through this...."* i must stop thinking so negatively....i'm gonna get through this alive, sane, safe, sound and better than ever! or at least i hope so...

pretty short one today...but i'm having a slight headache..probably because of the lack of sleep or something .. *yawns*

+ cassie off to bed +


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