Wednesday, June 01, 2005

5th day!

fifth day into holidays and i have done absolutely nothing. lol. except laze about and .. and... do nothing! hahaha...angel and stef got back from camp already. this morning, i had tuition and then kysha, tasha, mel, xin and i went lepak at cs.. also to watch madagascar. thinking of going out again tomorrow. go lepak with angel and get some stuff done. as long as i can get out of the house, i am happy. not like i don't get home before six anyway before that empress dowager gives me a shelling again like how she did this morning. haven't got any plans for the holidays. think i will most probably be cooped up in my room, up to no good, as usual....heheh..
however, that is really really REALLY far from how my holidays should have been. have got loads of uncompleted homework which i really need to get down to but nooo...what am i going to do? hang around and be a utter and complete useless bum. hahah. got loads of books i wanna buy but times in cs is closed! can you believe that?!?! even my brother knew it before i did. which only goes to prove one thing. how long it has been since i've been down to cs. sad sad.

quote of the day
i like to move it move it

+ cassie over and out +


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