Friday, June 30, 2006

behold the return

okayy.. so its like wayy past my bedtime on either side of the world.. its 2am here and 6am back in kiwiland.. not sure how much i slept on the plane.. prob half the way? maybe that would explain why im still up here refusing to go to sleep.. though im due to wake up early and wait for celine so that we can head into school and rub it into some teacher's faces that we are doin well without them thank you very much!

but anyway people.. i am back in jb if you guys wanna meet up or something.. knowing that not many actually read my blog anyway.. but yeahh.. the girls are comin down next weekend.. something to look forward to =) but in the mean time, im gonna have to get started on my work as well ae.. sighh..

-missin you lots already and it has only been a day-

Saturday, June 24, 2006

malaysia, truly asia

ok..random title for a post.. but heck.. this time next week, i'm gonna be in my bed sweet bed.. sweating and swearing at the sweltering heat.. hahaha.. in a way i can't wait to be back home. getta see my friends and hug them and all.. but on the other hand.. hmm.. but no.. i am so going back to wreck havoc for like.. 18 days! thinking bout it now, 18 days seems like a long time.. but it probably won't be ae.. i know the flight is gonna be a long one though.. gotta make full use of my erm... 4 days here.. haha.. some of you should know what i mean...

i've been given 3 rules to live by for the 18 days that i'm gonna be away.. i should be able to do it.. hahaha.. its not THAT hard!

1) no taking drugs
2) no dying
3) no other bois

there.. 3 rules.. can't be that hard right? AND he said no other boys... he din say anything bout girls.. hehehehe *grins like the cheshire cat* i'm gonna have fun!! but im gonna miss him like shit as well.. argh goddamnit.. but no.. i miss my friends too much to not go back... 10 hour ride.. god.. THATS gonna take forever!!! :(

Thursday, June 22, 2006

insane week

this week has been insane.. LITERALLY.. wait.. most of my weeks are insane anyway... but this.. the epitome of insaneness

stats has really been getting to me.. its irritating when its an internal and the teacher does a not very great (read.. pathetic) job at teaching it.. doin time series for the internal this time.. and no.. she didn't go through how to write up the report.. just said.. ahh. i'll go through (read.. she just rambled on for 15 mins browsing through slides of the report on the overhead projector) and you should be able to do it yourself.. remind me NOT to take ANY form of math next year..

a 23 hour day is not funny... not funny at all... the other night, i stayed up till like 3ish doin my stats internal.. then i went to sleep thinking.. ahh im feeling quite exhausted today.. i should be sleeping right through till 7 ish in the morning.. just hopefully i will wake up and not fall back asleep after switching off the alarm clock.. but guess what.. i woke up at 4.30.. i was wide awake.. no matter what i did.. count sheep.. chicken.. cows... i just couldnt fall back asleep.. so yeahh... i had bout one hour of sleep.. not funny.. DEFINITELY not funny.. and it doesnt help that there is no black coffee in the house.. only white! which really gets on my nerves and kills my appetite after that...the only good thing? i'm losing a teenie bit of .5 kg.. hahah

what else... two days back, i walked to the teacher's table to get a piece of paper.. then when i sat down, i was told that i am getting married to courtney.. yeah.. just like that.. no marriage proposal.. no ring.. no nothing.. i was just told that i was getting married.. then yesterday, somehow, i managed to get myself implicated with a divorced couple.. sarah and joanna.. which ended up in joanna going down on her knees proposing to me with a ring.. then 5 mins later, upon discovering the lil story with my angel, courtney and vinny, she divorced me.. cos she's a non believer of polygamy.. the next thing that happened? i was with sarah.. by the end of lunch.. sarah, joanna and i are in a threesome... god.. why is my life so weird?

and last but not least.. i swear to god.. the weather is against me.. when i stepped out of the house this morning, it started snowing on me.. when i got outta the car at school, it started raining on me.. when i was on my way to f block after, it started hailing.. all within the span of 15 mins.. great weather!! arghhh

okayy.. thats bout it for now.. need to get back to my stats internal.. !!!! geram!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

just having a lil fun

okayy.. so i'm up at 10-ish on a saturday morning.. bored to death.. though i know i have a whole bunch of work i should be working through.. but nyehh.. i left both my legal studies and my stats work in school.. so oh wells.. hehe.. actually, i sorta purposely left them in school so that i wouldn't have to do it over the weekend.. shall get my stats done during first period on monday or something.. or maybe during lunch.. this weekend shall be reserved for my reading and stats internal.. have to remember to clean out the bits of nail polish left on my nails.. not to mention cut my nails as well.. but ehh.. not something you guys needed to know.. arghh.. celine is flying back today.. hopefully she has a good flight.. jayne on the other hand is only flying 3 days before me.. ahh.. i can;t wait to be back with them.. or maybe i can.. with all the work i have.. 18 days of jb... *grins* we're gonna have fun girls!!!

okayy.. anyway.. this is not why i came onto blogger for.. mel did a survey like thing on her blog.. actually like the one val did and i was supposed to do.. but never got round to it.. ANYWAY.. i'm just gonna do a reply to hers.. heheh.. sth like what val does on his blog... ok.. so here goes.. hehehe

1. ooh.. jolyn.... had tonnes of fun with her! especially during f4 *grins*

2. ehh.. like only esther can teach you love and forgiveness, and how to handle stress, and how to smile no wonder what happens? what have i been teaching you all this while la.. seela! i teach you never learn.. esther teach only everything also faham.. sighhh

3. siape budak eugene ni la.. hahahah.. cute ar? hahahahahahhaha

4. melissa and adrian.. sitting on a tree.. k-i-s-s-i-n-g
first comes love then comes marriage
then comes mel with a lil baby carriage!

5. god.. i miss archie and the mornings at the bag duty bench sial.. aihh and yes.. she DEFINITELY deserves someone better than a player!!!

6. lynette ar.. she's my da jie.. but recently ar.. dunno where she dieded to already.. din text me.. din see her online also :(

7. sarah jane and her wackiness! haven't talked to her in ages as well! wonder what she's up to these days..

8. aww.. michelle's really sweet! wonder what she's up to these days.. hmmm

9. celine's dog is called furbie for crying out loud!!

10. someone with the same surname as me! need to getta know him.. lol

11. miss jayne so much! i've been in the same class with her eversince primary 1 mann.. just texted her btw.. she's flying back on the 26th..

12. no comments.. *Roflmfao

13. jillian... hmm.. she's gettin really prettie.. ;)

14. the last time i talked to stef was also last week.. eh this is depressing sial...

15. my mummy! why won't you date her wor.. she's ONE HOT BABE.. i'm sure andrew wouldn't mind a threesome.. *grins*

16. nahh.. she's got enough guys after her.. she doesn't need to add girls to the list.. ,hahaha

17. ooh.. KEVIN.. hahah.. i soooo need to meet him.. the guy who stole my best friend's heart! intro mel! intro.. btw.. do i hear wedding bells? i wanna be your wedding planner!

18. ehh.. we take our friendship very seriously one emmkayy?!?!?!

19. har? she got bf ar? how come i dunno one? not fair!

20. yes.. i like my stepdaddy also.. he is very good to my mummy.. though he doesnt know that i exist.. sighh.. sadd...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

mood swings

my mood hasn't been that great off late.. i wonder why..
but anyways, good news.. i have laid off coffee (cold turkey style) for more than two weeks!
however, i have consumed that bar of kitkat chunky which was sitting on my study table for two weeks.. need to get more chocolate for emergencies.. like last night.. i soo needed a chocolate fix after stupid eng and calc was driving me up the wall.. but guess what.. the one time i really really really NEEDED chocolate was the one time there was not a single piece of chocolate in the entire house.. pathetic i know.. which is why i need to get a stash of chocolate JUST for emergency purposes.. ever ready.. if you get what i mean..
sorta counting down the days till i get back.. why the word sorta? simply because i have an unsurmountable amount of homework and assignments to get round before i get to fly back.. not exactly something i'm looking forward to... sighh.. maybe its the workload thats bringin about the mood swings ae.. on a slightly brighter note? i'm slowly but surely catching up on my calculus homework.. which i kinda neglected over the past two weeks..
have got my legal studies internal, my stats internal AND my english formal writing assessment.. totally sucks.. considering my eng teacher doesnt really like my style of writing.. she's gonna fail me i tell you!!! :'(
it snowed on monday.. so school was cancelled.. had a lil bit of fun playin in the snow with nicholas and ian.. after which i went over to yi lin's and we had heaps and heaps of fun building snowmans and having snow fights... after that we were just hanging around in her kitchen.. then her room.. goin through old magazines..
and last but definitely not least.. a very very very belated but nonetheless happy birthday to my bestie, stef who has just turned 18! all the best in your future endeavours sweetie.. know that no matter what, i will always be here for you.. love you lots and i can't wait to see you again..
guess thats bout it today.. i know i should be blogging a bit more.. but nyehh.. no mood.. sighhh

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

yi lin and i when we got tired from walkin in riccarton.. we just sat at the sofa and started camming =)

a photo we sneaked in the changing rooms of stax.. that dress costs approximately $200! its INSANE!!!!

okayy.. anyway.. my weekend was spent mostly in bed or out the house.. slept quite a bit.. but for some funny reason, i'm still very exhausted and drained today.. was totally not with it.. nearly died in school!! btw.. this is the fourth day i am off caffeine.. i am getting there!!! life is such a huge huge task... don't feel like going to school tmr.. sleeping in sounds like a marvellous plan.. ahhh.. okayy.. i am like just talkin crap as of now.. wtf is up with me these days?! need to get my act together.. just got handed another internal for my legal studies.. but thankfully its only due AFTER the hollies.. nontheless, i intend to have it done before the hollies so i can go back in peace knowing that i have no outstanding homework...or something.. oh wells.. we shall see how it goes..

my mind is in a total and complete mess.. don't even ask me why.. for i have absolutely no idea...
:( i need to get a life.. sighhh.. i hate me..

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Don't intertwine your fingers with mine and hold onto my hands,
Don't embrace me and envelope me in a hug,
Don't look into my eyes and say that you love me.
Cause I know you still think of her,
Cause I know you still care for her,
Cause I know you still love her.
This game called "love" that we play,
Its ripping my heart out.
This game called "love" that we play,
Its tearing me to pieces.
Just Don't.
Cause it hurts.

-author unknown-