Saturday, June 17, 2006

just having a lil fun

okayy.. so i'm up at 10-ish on a saturday morning.. bored to death.. though i know i have a whole bunch of work i should be working through.. but nyehh.. i left both my legal studies and my stats work in school.. so oh wells.. hehe.. actually, i sorta purposely left them in school so that i wouldn't have to do it over the weekend.. shall get my stats done during first period on monday or something.. or maybe during lunch.. this weekend shall be reserved for my reading and stats internal.. have to remember to clean out the bits of nail polish left on my nails.. not to mention cut my nails as well.. but ehh.. not something you guys needed to know.. arghh.. celine is flying back today.. hopefully she has a good flight.. jayne on the other hand is only flying 3 days before me.. ahh.. i can;t wait to be back with them.. or maybe i can.. with all the work i have.. 18 days of jb... *grins* we're gonna have fun girls!!!

okayy.. anyway.. this is not why i came onto blogger for.. mel did a survey like thing on her blog.. actually like the one val did and i was supposed to do.. but never got round to it.. ANYWAY.. i'm just gonna do a reply to hers.. heheh.. sth like what val does on his blog... ok.. so here goes.. hehehe

1. ooh.. jolyn.... had tonnes of fun with her! especially during f4 *grins*

2. ehh.. like only esther can teach you love and forgiveness, and how to handle stress, and how to smile no wonder what happens? what have i been teaching you all this while la.. seela! i teach you never learn.. esther teach only everything also faham.. sighhh

3. siape budak eugene ni la.. hahahah.. cute ar? hahahahahahhaha

4. melissa and adrian.. sitting on a tree.. k-i-s-s-i-n-g
first comes love then comes marriage
then comes mel with a lil baby carriage!

5. god.. i miss archie and the mornings at the bag duty bench sial.. aihh and yes.. she DEFINITELY deserves someone better than a player!!!

6. lynette ar.. she's my da jie.. but recently ar.. dunno where she dieded to already.. din text me.. din see her online also :(

7. sarah jane and her wackiness! haven't talked to her in ages as well! wonder what she's up to these days..

8. aww.. michelle's really sweet! wonder what she's up to these days.. hmmm

9. celine's dog is called furbie for crying out loud!!

10. someone with the same surname as me! need to getta know him.. lol

11. miss jayne so much! i've been in the same class with her eversince primary 1 mann.. just texted her btw.. she's flying back on the 26th..

12. no comments.. *Roflmfao

13. jillian... hmm.. she's gettin really prettie.. ;)

14. the last time i talked to stef was also last week.. eh this is depressing sial...

15. my mummy! why won't you date her wor.. she's ONE HOT BABE.. i'm sure andrew wouldn't mind a threesome.. *grins*

16. nahh.. she's got enough guys after her.. she doesn't need to add girls to the list.. ,hahaha

17. ooh.. KEVIN.. hahah.. i soooo need to meet him.. the guy who stole my best friend's heart! intro mel! intro.. btw.. do i hear wedding bells? i wanna be your wedding planner!

18. ehh.. we take our friendship very seriously one emmkayy?!?!?!

19. har? she got bf ar? how come i dunno one? not fair!

20. yes.. i like my stepdaddy also.. he is very good to my mummy.. though he doesnt know that i exist.. sighh.. sadd...


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