Tuesday, June 06, 2006

yi lin and i when we got tired from walkin in riccarton.. we just sat at the sofa and started camming =)

a photo we sneaked in the changing rooms of stax.. that dress costs approximately $200! its INSANE!!!!

okayy.. anyway.. my weekend was spent mostly in bed or out the house.. slept quite a bit.. but for some funny reason, i'm still very exhausted and drained today.. was totally not with it.. nearly died in school!! btw.. this is the fourth day i am off caffeine.. i am getting there!!! life is such a huge huge task... don't feel like going to school tmr.. sleeping in sounds like a marvellous plan.. ahhh.. okayy.. i am like just talkin crap as of now.. wtf is up with me these days?! need to get my act together.. just got handed another internal for my legal studies.. but thankfully its only due AFTER the hollies.. nontheless, i intend to have it done before the hollies so i can go back in peace knowing that i have no outstanding homework...or something.. oh wells.. we shall see how it goes..

my mind is in a total and complete mess.. don't even ask me why.. for i have absolutely no idea...
:( i need to get a life.. sighhh.. i hate me..


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