Thursday, June 22, 2006

insane week

this week has been insane.. LITERALLY.. wait.. most of my weeks are insane anyway... but this.. the epitome of insaneness

stats has really been getting to me.. its irritating when its an internal and the teacher does a not very great (read.. pathetic) job at teaching it.. doin time series for the internal this time.. and no.. she didn't go through how to write up the report.. just said.. ahh. i'll go through (read.. she just rambled on for 15 mins browsing through slides of the report on the overhead projector) and you should be able to do it yourself.. remind me NOT to take ANY form of math next year..

a 23 hour day is not funny... not funny at all... the other night, i stayed up till like 3ish doin my stats internal.. then i went to sleep thinking.. ahh im feeling quite exhausted today.. i should be sleeping right through till 7 ish in the morning.. just hopefully i will wake up and not fall back asleep after switching off the alarm clock.. but guess what.. i woke up at 4.30.. i was wide awake.. no matter what i did.. count sheep.. chicken.. cows... i just couldnt fall back asleep.. so yeahh... i had bout one hour of sleep.. not funny.. DEFINITELY not funny.. and it doesnt help that there is no black coffee in the house.. only white! which really gets on my nerves and kills my appetite after that...the only good thing? i'm losing a teenie bit of .5 kg.. hahah

what else... two days back, i walked to the teacher's table to get a piece of paper.. then when i sat down, i was told that i am getting married to courtney.. yeah.. just like that.. no marriage proposal.. no ring.. no nothing.. i was just told that i was getting married.. then yesterday, somehow, i managed to get myself implicated with a divorced couple.. sarah and joanna.. which ended up in joanna going down on her knees proposing to me with a ring.. then 5 mins later, upon discovering the lil story with my angel, courtney and vinny, she divorced me.. cos she's a non believer of polygamy.. the next thing that happened? i was with sarah.. by the end of lunch.. sarah, joanna and i are in a threesome... god.. why is my life so weird?

and last but not least.. i swear to god.. the weather is against me.. when i stepped out of the house this morning, it started snowing on me.. when i got outta the car at school, it started raining on me.. when i was on my way to f block after, it started hailing.. all within the span of 15 mins.. great weather!! arghhh

okayy.. thats bout it for now.. need to get back to my stats internal.. !!!! geram!!!


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