Thursday, February 23, 2006

hell hath no fury like a girl scorned

fuck fuck fuckety fuck.

ok.. so that was not the best of ways to start a post. but hey.. whatever pleases me, no?
i'm in an utterly bad, atrocious, utterly, horrible mood. so if you are expecting a good ol' chocolate coated strawberry filled post with cherries on top and not to mention teletubbies, i say bugger off.

need to release some steam here.. so here we go..

1. it was fucking raining this morning. and less than five fucking minutes after that, it was fucking hailing. and so, the weather was fucking cold. ok.. exaggeration there. it was cool. not fucking cold. good thing i changed my ankle socks for knee length ones and so i din really freeze my fucking ass off.

2. on account that i follow my cousin to school though i wasn't due in school until one whole hour later, i was fucking sitting in the common room fucking listening to my fucking ipod and doing fucking math. math! at 8sth in the morning, i was doin fuckin math! fuck!!

3. then i had legal studies. which wasn't so bad i guess. considering we were just listening to her talk about the fucking bill of rights and fucking discrimination. afterwards, we watch a fucking tape which had to point out "oh.. thats *fucking* discrimination" or "hey.. thats against *fucking* human rights" right. fuck.

4. interval was ok. confirmed with huei yin that i was going out with her and her friend on saturday. something to look forward to.

5. stats. did some fucking mindless work on fucking graphs. a fucking uneventful class to say the least. other than my friend, vincent, who decided to fucking bunk class, not fucking tell me he was gonna fucking bunk class, then fucking abandon me in fucking stats. fuck. yeah so there i was fucking sitting through yet another fucking stats class while he was probably fucking romancing his fucking ex somewhere in fucking school.

6. lunch. need i say more?

7. fucking "study" period. which i did no fucking study at all. didn't have no fucking mood to do no fucking thing at all. pretty much fucking slept through it.

8. english. not the best class ever. was doing some stuff on film study. fucking dead man walking by susan sarandon and sean penn. not too bad a movie other than the fact that i was feeling pretty fucked up before i had even stepped into class. fuck. and courtney *the girl who sits next to me* was something more of a relieve than anything as she also could not wait to get her ass back home. yesterday, she conveniently slept through school. hilarious.

9. overall. not a fucking good day at all. so fuck. and it wasn't even my fault that he had forgot to fucking switch his phone to silent and when i messaged him, he was in the fucking middle of fucking assembly and was standing right in front of his fucking principal. fuck.

10. i am so fucking sick of fucking smiling all the time.. putting on a fucking facade in front of everyone when all i fucking wanna do is just fucking mope around, and fucking throw my fucking tantrum. but nooo... i have to fucking smile.. say i'm fucking okay even though i'm fucking not okayy inside and all. so fuck this, fuck the world and fuck everything else. all i want is a fucking hug right now!!!!!

there you have it. do not say i didn't warn you cos i fucking did. i told you it would be no fucking fun to be reading this fucking post. the next post shall not consist or contain any expletives or cusses of any kind. i fucking swear. it will be all sweet and sugary. shall blog bout my day out with huei yin. should be good. =)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

vday 2006

ok.. so it should be a belated v'day 06 sue me.. i've been so busy.. i barely have time to breathe! what with class assessments to worry about.. research work.. homework.. homework and more homework.. everyday, i have about 4 out of the 5 subjects i take with the exception of tuesday when i have all 5 and on thursday when i have only 3. can't breathe! thankfully i have vincent to help me with my econs which i can guarantee you isn't exactly the easiest thing around or maybe im just plain densed la... benjamin who is like my "answer book" to calculus since he does it so fast, it'd actually be faster for me to just turn over to see his answer than to flip to the back of the book for it.. legal is quite enjoyable.. and the least taxing subject of all.. its kinda like story time.. with the least amount of work.. and all we do is just go in and listen to her talk about stuff based on the notes.. its kinda like takin world history on a lighter note.. which is good! eng is okayy but i must say i still enjoy mrs emilda's and mrs koo's classes the best! stats on the other hand is still quite okay and easy to understand at this point.. if anything else fails, there's always vincent who sits next to me.. hahah.. just realised i digressed so much.. i was supposed to talk about valentines day.. and here i am talkin about homework.. so sue me.. im posting this at 7sth on a saturday morning.. actually, i woke up at 6sth so i thought i'd be able to catch some of my friends online.. but failed.. so here i am blogging.. oh wells...

anyway, valentines day... hmm... lemme see what i did that day.. nth much really.. seems like every other day or any other valentines day for the past 16 years actually... sad, i know.. i was just floating from class to class since i had classes ALL DAY that day.. what i found pretty amusing was girls carrying stalks of roses... and everyone was in "love overload".. im serious.. my stats teacher gave us a valentines logic puzzle... then she had a valentines day questionaire.. during stats! see... thats the best thing when you have a young teacher.. they inject a lil fun into the classes and they always come up with wacky things.. she's from canada btw.. so yeah.. that was my valentines day... having classes.. then going home to face even MORE homework.. the only difference this year was that i had wine to go with my homework.. hahaha.. how sad... how very very sad.. but i sure do hope that vday for you guys was much better.. much much MUCH better than mine..

p.s. sorry for the lack of creativity in my recent posts.. it really does say a lot for my state of mind..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

have i ever told you how much i L-O-V-E chocolate ice cream? well.. if i haven't now i'm telling you.. that of ALL ice cream flavours, chocolate is by far my favourite.. which is why whenever there are three scoops of different flavoured ice cream, i get it all changed to chocolate.. like in the pic above...ok.. im talkin crap.. can't help it.. i'm havin a bad day.. and sorry for not having a more decent post these days.. i promise i will make it up to you guys.. whoever who still reads it whom i don't think is a lot la.. this weekend.. a lil something on valentines.. a lil late no doubt.. but still..

well.. now you see it.. now you don't =)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

lots and lots of pictures!

was at this place for dinner the other night called "lone star" quite a nice set up.. it was based on a red indian theme.. but no.. the food was western.. just of the better variety than the ones we get back home.. actually make that better x 100000000!

and as usual.. their portions are like so huge.. i have to skip starters in order to actually finish my main course then skip dessert altogether! unless i take a bite outta my cousin's.. and even then.. sometimes i DON'T finish my main course like in the pic above... twas just mash patatoes and lots and lots of vegetables.. eurgh..

through the grape vine.. literally.. maybe if you do a close up on the pic, you would be able to see some grapes hanging.. but they are still quite small.. can't wait till it ripens in time for wine brewing! yay! hahaha

this is a close up on the flowers from the pic below.. see the yellowish part surrounded by the red and purple ones? its actually made out of teeny itsy bitsy flowers from the pic above..

this one was taken in a park like thing called mona vale

i just <3 the sunlight streaming in from the top!

this is taken along the way after the gates of mona vale.. you drive through a stream with ducks in em.. punting is also done during spring and summer if im not wrong.. and on the other side of the stream is houses .. real houses which people own.. and live in!

see the house there? wish i own it! how nice it would be to walk out into my backyard and see a stream filled with ducks.. okay.. the stream part la.. not the duck part.. can't stand the ducks.. they chase innocent passer-bys whom hold food in their hands.. really! the last time i was holdin some bread a whole bunch of them was wadding after me!

another pic if the stream and the stupid ducks in them.. grrr..