Saturday, February 18, 2006

vday 2006

ok.. so it should be a belated v'day 06 sue me.. i've been so busy.. i barely have time to breathe! what with class assessments to worry about.. research work.. homework.. homework and more homework.. everyday, i have about 4 out of the 5 subjects i take with the exception of tuesday when i have all 5 and on thursday when i have only 3. can't breathe! thankfully i have vincent to help me with my econs which i can guarantee you isn't exactly the easiest thing around or maybe im just plain densed la... benjamin who is like my "answer book" to calculus since he does it so fast, it'd actually be faster for me to just turn over to see his answer than to flip to the back of the book for it.. legal is quite enjoyable.. and the least taxing subject of all.. its kinda like story time.. with the least amount of work.. and all we do is just go in and listen to her talk about stuff based on the notes.. its kinda like takin world history on a lighter note.. which is good! eng is okayy but i must say i still enjoy mrs emilda's and mrs koo's classes the best! stats on the other hand is still quite okay and easy to understand at this point.. if anything else fails, there's always vincent who sits next to me.. hahah.. just realised i digressed so much.. i was supposed to talk about valentines day.. and here i am talkin about homework.. so sue me.. im posting this at 7sth on a saturday morning.. actually, i woke up at 6sth so i thought i'd be able to catch some of my friends online.. but failed.. so here i am blogging.. oh wells...

anyway, valentines day... hmm... lemme see what i did that day.. nth much really.. seems like every other day or any other valentines day for the past 16 years actually... sad, i know.. i was just floating from class to class since i had classes ALL DAY that day.. what i found pretty amusing was girls carrying stalks of roses... and everyone was in "love overload".. im serious.. my stats teacher gave us a valentines logic puzzle... then she had a valentines day questionaire.. during stats! see... thats the best thing when you have a young teacher.. they inject a lil fun into the classes and they always come up with wacky things.. she's from canada btw.. so yeah.. that was my valentines day... having classes.. then going home to face even MORE homework.. the only difference this year was that i had wine to go with my homework.. hahaha.. how sad... how very very sad.. but i sure do hope that vday for you guys was much better.. much much MUCH better than mine..

p.s. sorry for the lack of creativity in my recent posts.. it really does say a lot for my state of mind..


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