Thursday, August 31, 2006


i am once again subjecting myself to unnecessary emotional and physical stress as well as much distress by leaving my english research to the last minute. quite literally. it is due in the morning and i am only starting today. not good. but i must say that it is absolutely NOT MY FAULT. i have been so utterly busy with my other tests, assessments and assignments that research had to take a back seat for a while. however, i am confident i will be able to accomplish it.. i have no choice.. its three freaking credits and i wanna get an excellence! MUST NOT SCREW THIS ONE UP.. looks like its gonna be one hell of a long night for me..

editor's note/disclaimer

the editor of this blog would so very kindly like to point out that with reference to the post before (entitled s.l.b. dated 30th August 2006) the blogger was making no specific reference [and would most definitely never do so] to anyone in particular. the editor would like to most specifically state that the blogger had no one in mind when posting said post. *grins*

on a lighter note, i have spent so much.. have got like 5/6 people's presents to shop for.. so there goes my resolution to not spend anymore money.. then again. i have to get the yeah.. then my resolution of losing weight is also failing miserably.. if anything i am actually packing on a whole lot.. and last but not least.. not procrastinating homework...riiiiiight....

econs test was last thursday
stats test is today
eng research due tomorrow
gettin jo's present tomorrow after school
meeting up with shing and the rest tomorrow night
joseph and joanna's birthday party on saturday
sunday is to catch up on sleep and ALLLLL my work
calculus internal next thursday
stats internal next friday
two weeks of econs internal and write up
THEN only comes the holidays

is it any wonder why i can hardly breathe?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


s.l.b.-n. abbr. [skankie little biatch] a derogatory name used on a slut who has nothing better to do than to harrass the life out of ex-boyfriends, ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, and pretend to be all nice and fake in front of said ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend. goes around sulking looking like the world owes her a living. spreads false malicious rumours, attempts to make life difficult for everyone else around her, refuses to allow anyone else to have something she doesn't have, and attention seeker.

-these kind of people ar.. really need to pray for them-

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


its all part of growing up, no?

we are all like guests at a masquerade ball. trying ever so hard to hide behind a painted mask. convincing one another of the facade they portray. but really, the only one who needs convincing is themselves. so tell me, why do you try so hard to convince everyone else of the stepford life you live when the only one who needs convincing is yourself

tell me
will you be there to catch me when i fall
this world is spinning so quickly
i am losing my footing
i am losing my balance
i am losing myself.
standing this close to the edge
i feel the wind in my face
how far will life push me
before i take the final step
someone please get hold of me
i don't wanna fall yet
not here.
not now.

Monday, August 28, 2006

dennis lee is alive!

omg.. and i seriously thought i would never have seen or in my case heard the daylights of my one and only dearest godbrother.. really! goodness me! he texted me this morning when i was in calculus wondering if he could ring me up later on.. wow.. did i have the shock of my life! my brother is actually alive.. i knew that all along... its just that it has been forever since i had a decent conversation with him.. quite a world of difference considering i used to talk to him everyday last year!

anyway.. had a brilliant 15 minute chat with my brother during lunch.. hehe.. it was great to catch up.. real great to hear his voice even! makes me realise that i really do take some things for granted! vinny and the rest were shooting me weird looks listening to MY side of the conversation.. esp at bits where i went "you're so mean! to think i used to like you (as a bro)!" when i found out that the only reason he called was because he needed to spend off the credit before the end of the month.. oh wells... i choose to look at it this way.. at least when he wants to spend money.. he thinks of me.. muahahaha..

tag me if you're readin this dennis..

Saturday, August 26, 2006

piercing number 2

and so i finally did it! got my second piercing. much to the delight of yours truly, huei yin and of course vinny (who paid for it btw). *grins* happened to bump into huei yin ystd with leo who oh so very kindly gave us a ride into town.. she came and saw both me and vin get pierced .. yeah.. vin got pierced again.. he's got more piercings than I! hahahha.. ooh and she was so tempted watchin the both of us get pierced.. eyebrow next time maybe, huei yin?

hmm.. i think dad was kinda pissed at me yesterday.., cos the night before, i was sorta whining to mum how my accounts wouldnt balance and shit and that it was annoying the hell outta me.. then she prob went to have a talk with dad with regards to my expenses and stuff.. then yeah.. i think dad was kinda pissed.. not so much because i had somewhat been overspending and didn't have a very healthy looking bank account.. but because i had not told him myself bout it.. that i was worried bout the whole money thing.. arghh... anyway.. guess i won't ben kicked out of the house anytime soon.. BUT.. i have been really good! only spent like 9 dollars this month.. yay! achievement! hahahaha

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

legal studies in the library!

i just absolutely LOVE periods in the "learning labs"! i get to come online and do my stuff online.. the only thing is that emsn doesn't quite want to work.. oh wells.. i'll survive.. just need to update my blog.. hehe..
have got my econs test this friday.. which i absolutely need to study for..
then there's the stats test next thursday.. and yesterday, she dropped the bomb on us and said.. i want to check all your homework this friday since there is a test thursday. right.. i believe that would include chapter 8, 11, bits of 5, 6 and 7. a lil behind i know. but i'll cope..
not to mention calc.. im like so catching up on calc.. thankfully!
passed my recent legal studies internal..woohoo! the next one is an open book test.. then there is a seminar in term4 for law reforms.. oh shit.. hmm.. what else.. have to resit my last internal.. seriously very lazy.. but i want the goddamn credits!
english.. wide readin is due the week after.. research is due next week.. oh fuck... i thought research was due the week after! not good.. not good at all.. hmm..
in case any of you were wondering, i am not getting inked (tattoed) anytime soon.. or anytime in the near future.. the near future being until i am 21 of course.. but even if i was to get a tattoo then, it would be a small one! hehe.. mum doesn't even like the idea of those stick on tattoos.. imagine if i was to get a real one! she'd have a fit!!
as for my piercing.. well.. i'm gonna be getting it done this wednesday maybe? most probably ae.. just the second piercing on my left ear.. was thinking of gettin the cartiledge pierced as well.. but mum's not too happy bout that idea.. hmm... or my belly.. though both mum and vin said no to that.. mum was like.. what? your belly? but no one's gonna be able to see it! or you're gonna start wearing short tops and hipsters??? so ugly!!!! and vin was like... but that's so every other girl.. and you are anything but every other girl.. so yeah.. maybe not.. hmm..
hm.. i think if i was to write a book on "how to get in your ex's pants" it would look very much like a freaking encyclopaedia.
ok.. gotta go.. am the only one typing away in the whole room.. a lil suspicious no? but hey.. i HAVE done my research bit for this topic..
fifteen more minutes to lunch time.. yay!! but hmm.. had my lunch for breakfast.. really should stop doing that.. no money.. no food.. no bffs here.. sucks!
p.s. i have a vague memory of val ringing me up last night in the middle of the night.. wonder if that was me dreaming or if it was for real.. hmmm...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

gettin inked

hah! i wish! even if i did get inked, it wouldn't be huge or anything.. at my hips maybe? or just below my collar bone.. hmm.. but parents wouldn't approve. so yeah

kk.. thinking of gettin pierced.. 2nd piercing for my left ear.. either that or belly button! but i've got no money.. oh wells.. money's a biatch!!!

me feel the need to have metal shoved through skin.

Monday, August 14, 2006

foodwords for thought

right. when i don't blog, i don't blog at all.
but when i blog, i blog twice in the span of two hours.
simply because, I CAN. ok... now i'm just talkin nonsense.

one very good question kevin asked me the other day whom no one else thought of to ask me.

"how is it like dating an "ang moh"? any difference ar?" -for those of you who don't know what an ang moh is, its basically chinese slang for caucasian. its like calling a chinese chingki..

that got me thinking for a bit. is there any difference? i am proud to say i do not practise discrimination so therefore, no. there is no difference. between dating a caucasian or chinese or whatever that is to say. vinny will still be my vinny.. the vinny i know even if he is chinese.. well of course other than the obvious fact that he would be chinese instead of kiwi.

oh and last night, we BFFs.. or at least some of us were talkin about cohabiting with boyfriends and stuff.. quite an insight into their minds.. most of them were okay with the idea except for wy of course.. knowing her.. quite weird how we were talkin about that last night.. and just now, while i was on the phone with vinny.. we were discussing his options for next year.. and he thought of staying back in chch.. then there was the whole thing about accomodation.. he was thinking of renting a studio apartment in town.. somewhere near uni.. and he was like "yvonne... what do you think of sharing a studio with me?"

parents would never hear of it. thats all i can say.

shallow posts

so much for no more blogger hiatus.. Overdresser seems to be having the same problem but I think that is due to his SPM trials and shit.. so yehh.. I should have no excuse.. but thing is.. I don't know what to blog about.. tasha has deep meaningful posts these days.. WY's posts are funny as always.. Angel is making her blog like a photo blog.. Xin and Mel often post about their days.. yet me.. I find myself grasping at anything to blog about but to no avail. sad. Jayne is flyin back this Thursday.. Bon Voyage huni! o and tasha changed her blog add for the 1783925th time.. oh wells... only managed three hours of sleep yesterday after talkin to the BFFs.. hmm.. and had a 3 hour nap before this.. so pretty much, my sleeping hours are fucked. i should really get down to starting on my work.. hmm....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

double post

it wasn't me! it was blogga going nuts.. im talkin bout the double post.. ok... erm.. realised that i also posted the wrong add for huei yin's blog.. a lil something she rectified on the taggie.. its =) will attempt to post the photos for formal soon as well.. sorry peeps!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

black and whites

okay.. i would really love to actually attempt to upload photos.. but im doin so many transfers atm and im busy as hell.. so yeah.. cnt really blog.. but huei yin has uploaded 3 or so photos onto her blog from the photoshoot the other day.. awesome experience working with her.. heheh.. =) pretty much fine except for a coupla hiccups along and the way and such.. to all the bffs readin this and the guys as well.. im fine! im alive! take care yeah and talk to you guys soon.. promise! o btw hueiyin's blog add is .. yeah i cnt remember the whole html coding for the links so yeah.. hehe.. ciaonezz!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

in calculus.. again

okay.. so i know i really should be doin my calculus work.. that was on my whole resolution list.. but ehh.. decided i needed to blog.. just a really short one will do.. just to let you guys know that i am still alive.. still kicking screaming and swearing.. but most of all.. i am out of my short bout of depression.. (Caffeine high decided to kick in you see).. but most of all.. i am also most probably out of my bloggin hiatus.. i am back to not spending any money for the next three months.. tryin my best to shed off the added pounds.. and attemptin to not procrastinate which i am obviously failing miserably at..

stupid bank account statement arrived yesterday.. i swear to god.. i really didn't want to open it.. but knew that i had to at some point.. good thing? my balance balances out! bad thing? if i spend anymore money within the next three months.. and if my dad sees the accounts... he will slap me.. disown me and probably kick me out of house.. but no worries people.. i am NOT in debt.. just well.. a lil tight.. for the next three months.. or so.. vinny said i can spend his money instead but ehh.. we shall see.. it'll do me loads good to actually NOT spend money on food or indulgences namely ice cream..

the photos came out pretty good.. but she didn't take them on digital camera.. so.. ehh.. might probably have to scan them or something.. oh wells... huei yin is an AMAZING photographer!!!
thanks huei yin! for the caffeine pills as well.. hahaha.. went out with her yesterday into town to get her mechanical pencil.. it wasn't planned.. but i saw her on the way when i was gonna walk back from school.. and i got invited to their little trip into town with leo and amy..

ben says that he is a nice person.. i say that self praise is no praise.. lol!
okay people.. signing out!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

in calculus

okay.. so now we are in the computer room for calculus.. im supposed to be doin trig work.. but fuck.. im in a bad mood now.. ben says hi..
things for the after party is so messed up..
ive got so much work to do its driving me insane..
ive pulled an all-nighter two nights in a row... and seriously.. tonight isnt looking any better..
have to confirm my appointment for my make up.. pick up stuff form shing..
and attempt to finish all my work..
fuck ive got so much work
and it doesnt help that everyone else around me seems to be depressed.. its gettin me down too.. and im still sick.. not to mention i've been passing the bug too..
ben is driving me up the wall now sitting next to me pissing me off..
so much fucking work.. arghh can i just give up right about now?
im seriously so tired and exhausted.. typing this at an insane rate...
and vinny is ill.. =( must have been me...
what the fuck!