Monday, August 28, 2006

dennis lee is alive!

omg.. and i seriously thought i would never have seen or in my case heard the daylights of my one and only dearest godbrother.. really! goodness me! he texted me this morning when i was in calculus wondering if he could ring me up later on.. wow.. did i have the shock of my life! my brother is actually alive.. i knew that all along... its just that it has been forever since i had a decent conversation with him.. quite a world of difference considering i used to talk to him everyday last year!

anyway.. had a brilliant 15 minute chat with my brother during lunch.. hehe.. it was great to catch up.. real great to hear his voice even! makes me realise that i really do take some things for granted! vinny and the rest were shooting me weird looks listening to MY side of the conversation.. esp at bits where i went "you're so mean! to think i used to like you (as a bro)!" when i found out that the only reason he called was because he needed to spend off the credit before the end of the month.. oh wells... i choose to look at it this way.. at least when he wants to spend money.. he thinks of me.. muahahaha..

tag me if you're readin this dennis..


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