Monday, August 14, 2006

foodwords for thought

right. when i don't blog, i don't blog at all.
but when i blog, i blog twice in the span of two hours.
simply because, I CAN. ok... now i'm just talkin nonsense.

one very good question kevin asked me the other day whom no one else thought of to ask me.

"how is it like dating an "ang moh"? any difference ar?" -for those of you who don't know what an ang moh is, its basically chinese slang for caucasian. its like calling a chinese chingki..

that got me thinking for a bit. is there any difference? i am proud to say i do not practise discrimination so therefore, no. there is no difference. between dating a caucasian or chinese or whatever that is to say. vinny will still be my vinny.. the vinny i know even if he is chinese.. well of course other than the obvious fact that he would be chinese instead of kiwi.

oh and last night, we BFFs.. or at least some of us were talkin about cohabiting with boyfriends and stuff.. quite an insight into their minds.. most of them were okay with the idea except for wy of course.. knowing her.. quite weird how we were talkin about that last night.. and just now, while i was on the phone with vinny.. we were discussing his options for next year.. and he thought of staying back in chch.. then there was the whole thing about accomodation.. he was thinking of renting a studio apartment in town.. somewhere near uni.. and he was like "yvonne... what do you think of sharing a studio with me?"

parents would never hear of it. thats all i can say.


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