Wednesday, August 02, 2006

in calculus.. again

okay.. so i know i really should be doin my calculus work.. that was on my whole resolution list.. but ehh.. decided i needed to blog.. just a really short one will do.. just to let you guys know that i am still alive.. still kicking screaming and swearing.. but most of all.. i am out of my short bout of depression.. (Caffeine high decided to kick in you see).. but most of all.. i am also most probably out of my bloggin hiatus.. i am back to not spending any money for the next three months.. tryin my best to shed off the added pounds.. and attemptin to not procrastinate which i am obviously failing miserably at..

stupid bank account statement arrived yesterday.. i swear to god.. i really didn't want to open it.. but knew that i had to at some point.. good thing? my balance balances out! bad thing? if i spend anymore money within the next three months.. and if my dad sees the accounts... he will slap me.. disown me and probably kick me out of house.. but no worries people.. i am NOT in debt.. just well.. a lil tight.. for the next three months.. or so.. vinny said i can spend his money instead but ehh.. we shall see.. it'll do me loads good to actually NOT spend money on food or indulgences namely ice cream..

the photos came out pretty good.. but she didn't take them on digital camera.. so.. ehh.. might probably have to scan them or something.. oh wells... huei yin is an AMAZING photographer!!!
thanks huei yin! for the caffeine pills as well.. hahaha.. went out with her yesterday into town to get her mechanical pencil.. it wasn't planned.. but i saw her on the way when i was gonna walk back from school.. and i got invited to their little trip into town with leo and amy..

ben says that he is a nice person.. i say that self praise is no praise.. lol!
okay people.. signing out!


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