Saturday, August 26, 2006

piercing number 2

and so i finally did it! got my second piercing. much to the delight of yours truly, huei yin and of course vinny (who paid for it btw). *grins* happened to bump into huei yin ystd with leo who oh so very kindly gave us a ride into town.. she came and saw both me and vin get pierced .. yeah.. vin got pierced again.. he's got more piercings than I! hahahha.. ooh and she was so tempted watchin the both of us get pierced.. eyebrow next time maybe, huei yin?

hmm.. i think dad was kinda pissed at me yesterday.., cos the night before, i was sorta whining to mum how my accounts wouldnt balance and shit and that it was annoying the hell outta me.. then she prob went to have a talk with dad with regards to my expenses and stuff.. then yeah.. i think dad was kinda pissed.. not so much because i had somewhat been overspending and didn't have a very healthy looking bank account.. but because i had not told him myself bout it.. that i was worried bout the whole money thing.. arghh... anyway.. guess i won't ben kicked out of the house anytime soon.. BUT.. i have been really good! only spent like 9 dollars this month.. yay! achievement! hahahaha


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