Tuesday, August 01, 2006

in calculus

okay.. so now we are in the computer room for calculus.. im supposed to be doin trig work.. but fuck.. im in a bad mood now.. ben says hi..
things for the after party is so messed up..
ive got so much work to do its driving me insane..
ive pulled an all-nighter two nights in a row... and seriously.. tonight isnt looking any better..
have to confirm my appointment for my make up.. pick up stuff form shing..
and attempt to finish all my work..
fuck ive got so much work
and it doesnt help that everyone else around me seems to be depressed.. its gettin me down too.. and im still sick.. not to mention i've been passing the bug too..
ben is driving me up the wall now sitting next to me pissing me off..
so much fucking work.. arghh can i just give up right about now?
im seriously so tired and exhausted.. typing this at an insane rate...
and vinny is ill.. =( must have been me...
what the fuck!


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