Thursday, August 31, 2006

editor's note/disclaimer

the editor of this blog would so very kindly like to point out that with reference to the post before (entitled s.l.b. dated 30th August 2006) the blogger was making no specific reference [and would most definitely never do so] to anyone in particular. the editor would like to most specifically state that the blogger had no one in mind when posting said post. *grins*

on a lighter note, i have spent so much.. have got like 5/6 people's presents to shop for.. so there goes my resolution to not spend anymore money.. then again. i have to get the yeah.. then my resolution of losing weight is also failing miserably.. if anything i am actually packing on a whole lot.. and last but not least.. not procrastinating homework...riiiiiight....

econs test was last thursday
stats test is today
eng research due tomorrow
gettin jo's present tomorrow after school
meeting up with shing and the rest tomorrow night
joseph and joanna's birthday party on saturday
sunday is to catch up on sleep and ALLLLL my work
calculus internal next thursday
stats internal next friday
two weeks of econs internal and write up
THEN only comes the holidays

is it any wonder why i can hardly breathe?


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