Friday, December 29, 2006

driving 101

its depressing when you are doin 60 on a freeway, and still a cop overtakes you.

i was like "what the fuck?!!? why the hell is the cop overtaking me!??!"

on the other hand, its true when they say that you don't learn to swear until you learn to drive.
like today for instance, i was changing my gear without realising my foot wasn't on the clutch. three guesses for what happened to the car. instead of pressing on the clutch, i instinctively went "fuck" out loud in front of my instructor. he turned to me and laughed out loud. however, i must admit that driving is very fun indeed. until you mati enjin, at the junction in front of your house, not two minutes since starting the car. woohoo!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


inflation is defined as an increase in the general price level, usually measured by the consumer price index. there is a decrease in the purchasing power of consumer's money.

inflation in malaysia. a general cut throat hike in price, and a decrease of half the size.

i mean.. hello? look at the size of burgers here! it's like we are on kids menu!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

the roads are safe no more

people, im not even going to try and deny it.

i am a freaking hazard on the road.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

all nighters and sore throats

first and foremost.. merry christmas you guys! i know this came as one day too late.. technically it should be happy boxing day.. but heck.. merry christmas!

the sleepover at celine's was good.. lotsa food... lotsa talking.. i really mean lotsa talking.. we didn't sleep till nearly 530.

all in all, it was a good weekend. except that now i'm not feeling too well.. stupid persistent sore throat.. which just wouldnt go away :( bummer..

that and the weather is shit.. so we have called off the spore trip. oh wells.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

the full story

i was just sittin on the table contemplating whether or not to tell her.

thats when she turned to me let's just say the rest is history.

mum : why are you just sitting there? gathering your thoughts? is there something you wanna tell me?

me : uhm. yes. no. er-i dunno. i'm dating someone.

mum : what? who?

me : uhm. vincent.

mum : malaysian?

me : er no. kiwi.

mum : how did you get involved with a kiwi??

me : erm. i dunno. i just did.

mum : is he from a respectable family?

me : he doesn't stay with his family. not now anyway.

mum : does aunt sue know about him?

me : uh yeah.

mum : what did she say?

me : uh okay?

mum : since when?

me : around prom.

mum : so what do you expect me to say? no?

me : uh no. .uh.. i dunno...

mum : this has come as a shock to me. caught me off guard. let me gather my thoughts, think about it and i'll get back to you with more questions.

and that's it. i told her. and started freaking out online after that. but yeah. i did it. i finally finally did it.

and a lighter note, i have finally started my drivign lessons. people, fangi is on the roads! hahahaha

Friday, December 22, 2006

i let the cat out of the bag!

i was just sitting on the table contemplating whether or not to tell her about it.

it was then that she asked me. 'what are you sitting there for? gathering your thoughts? is there something you wanna tell me?'

and i just blurted it out. it was as if i had no control over the muscles of my body-my mouth to be specific. "i am dating someone" and it was just as simple as that. the deed was done.

i finally told mum about vin.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


during one of my many talks with aunt sue at the kitchen over the counter top, we once came across the topic of having expectations. for some funny reason, what she said really stuck with me. quote unquote "i have learnt to never have any expectations from the boys or anyone really in life. cos believe me, it is when you start having expectations that you get bloody disappointed". yes-she did use the word bloody. i find such talks with aunt sue rather enjoyable.. even though there is so much that i wish i could talk to her about but can't due to the fact that she's my mum's sister and therefore most of the things i say will go back to mum. anyway, yes-such talks with aunt sue is really enjoyable. she points out things to me that are just sitting at the back of my brain waiting to be discovered. and today, i find this thoery of hers really true. its when we have expectations that we have disappointments. its an epiphany i'm telling you!

wakey wakey sunshine!

there are two ways to go about waking up a person.

either you can be really nice about it, go up to their bedroom, knock on the door and slightly nudge them till they wake up.

or you can be like my grandmother. she screamed for me to wake up all the way from the kitchen to my room and mind you the kitchen and my room are on separate ends not to mention separate floors of the house then come barging into my room, scream some more for me to get up and throw in a threat or two just so that i would get up.

its only 9 in the morning and i'm pissed as anything already. barely got 8 hours of sleep. it does not help that i'm not going out today to meet up with the girls which means im going to be stuck at home for the rest of the day.

sucks to be me.

looks and all things material

if someone was to come up and tell you that looks and all things material does not count, its fucking bullshit.

if it REALLY did not matter, why are brands such as nike and apple thriving in this world today?

cos we consumers are willing to pay for the name. for the branding. and where does this all go to? the already overflowing pockets and bursting seams of the owners of the companies.

but don't get me wrong, in saying all this, i am not going to boycott these brands.

for i am just like you..we are all victims of society. just like every single one of you. bought over by intelligent branding and paying the price for having the goods. i have sold my soul to these giant oversized companies. just like every other one of you.

if looks did not matter, would there only be stick thin models with the best of clothes and latest hairstyles? if looks did not matter, would not so good looking people have to work that much harder in this world to gain recognition?

someone once told me "its okay.. you're pretty.. you don't have to work THAT hard.. you can use your looks to get you places"

is that what this world is all about? good looks and pretty clothes and expensive stuff? at the end of the day, does it really just boil down to that?

life's bullshit and fucking pathetic at times like this.

as for me, i'm going to do everything possible to ensure that operasi lose weight happens this year. i told you, i'm pathetic. not to mention vain. i mean hey.. if its my looks that is gonna get me places, why not take care of it, right?

its raining men!

rain rain
go away
come again another day
rain rain
go away
yvonne wants to come out and play

for the record, it has not stopped raining for the last three days.
seriously.. talk about the weather being a wet blanket! can barely do anything..
even coming online is hard.. i don't wanna fry my modem for the second year in a row!
but yes. the rain is hampering all efforts and thoughts of wanting to leave the house for fear of getting drenched. and i am not joking-a two second leap in the rain left me soaked this morning on the way to driving theory.. so there. sucks!!!
and seriously, how is it that there is THAT much moisture up in the sky for it to be pouring pretty much cats and dogs for 72 hours straight?!?!?! this is unbelievable! its beyond me..

Monday, December 18, 2006

killer throat!

oh god.. my throat is killing me!

if this does not get any better, by the time tomorrow comes, my voice will be gone.. i swear to god..

like what celine said when we were in bed yesterday, it feels so surreal to be home.

to me, it feels so funny to be home and yet so right at the same time.

at least my face is clearing up a lil. which is good.. but now my throat is acting up. grr..

gonna be planning a trip to sg soon. and maybe get a job with my mum's company doin data entry. fun fun exciting exciting but at least it brings in some moolah!

gonna go watch dead like me again before getting ready to go see the girls.

guess what, it has been less than three days and already i've been screamed at for wanting to go out. double gr.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


i am back! back back back back back!

its freakishly warm and humid

im missing vin one hell of a lot

within three hours of gettin back, i got told that ive put on lots of weight, i have gotten very dark, my complexion is gone.

i can already foresee by the start of next week, she's gonna go nuts on me for "going out too much"

screw that.

need to get my drivers soon before my theory thing expires.

why do i even bother coming back?

the only thing i'm looking forward to is getting to see my friends. that and shopping.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


the most basic economic concept. scarcity. it is the idea that there are limited resources but unlimited wants. there are not enough resources to satisfy everyone's needs and wants.

thats right. its tis the season to be jolly again. not so much for our wallets though. checking out everyone's wishlist, and knowing that some of you guys have gotten me stuff is making me feel bad esp since i can't exactly afford christmas. i swear to god, i have to start saving properly come next year-so that i will have enough money to afford presents.

just got back from justin's graduation. it was a five hour ride to on friday immediately after my econs scholarship papers. saturday was the graduation. and today, it was another five hours back. i am dead tired right now but there is just so much to do...

today, its one of those days when i just feel like curling up under the duvet and shutting out the world. feeling emo as hell right now but no one is texting back except yi lin thankfully. sighh..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


ten more days till i am back in jaybee.

i feel like a failure.

eversince the end of my exams, i have done absolutely nothing.

well, technically, i am supposed to be going through my scholarship stuff but screw that. only the top 3% get scholarship anyway.

i feel like an absolute failure.

my room is a mess. i can barely see floor yet i make no attempt to clear it up.

i have a whole list of things to do before returning home but nothing has been ticked off.

reading you girl's blogs are getting me depressed as well... some of you are making me worry lots.. and some of you are just making me miss you lots..


Saturday, December 02, 2006

hah! take that exams!

exams sucked but they are finally finally over.. phew!

no. seriously. calc sucked. 14 more days till i get back to jaybee baybee..

people have been asking me whether or not im looking forward to it.. there's two side to it i guess....

on one hand.. i really miss my friends and family back home.. its been over 6 months since i've seen them..

on the other hand, im gonna miss my friends here too.. and esp vin.. oh and the freedom to go anywhere without having to be home by dinner..

so yeah.. i've been putting off packing my room.. cos it kinda reminds me that im THAT MUCH closer to letting go of my freedom.. that and im just plain lazy..

i can't wait to be home but on the other i can as well...

oh and there's so much things i need to do before leaving.. a whole bunch of stuff to buy.. need to remember to print my air tix.. :s