Saturday, December 02, 2006

hah! take that exams!

exams sucked but they are finally finally over.. phew!

no. seriously. calc sucked. 14 more days till i get back to jaybee baybee..

people have been asking me whether or not im looking forward to it.. there's two side to it i guess....

on one hand.. i really miss my friends and family back home.. its been over 6 months since i've seen them..

on the other hand, im gonna miss my friends here too.. and esp vin.. oh and the freedom to go anywhere without having to be home by dinner..

so yeah.. i've been putting off packing my room.. cos it kinda reminds me that im THAT MUCH closer to letting go of my freedom.. that and im just plain lazy..

i can't wait to be home but on the other i can as well...

oh and there's so much things i need to do before leaving.. a whole bunch of stuff to buy.. need to remember to print my air tix.. :s


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