Wednesday, December 20, 2006


during one of my many talks with aunt sue at the kitchen over the counter top, we once came across the topic of having expectations. for some funny reason, what she said really stuck with me. quote unquote "i have learnt to never have any expectations from the boys or anyone really in life. cos believe me, it is when you start having expectations that you get bloody disappointed". yes-she did use the word bloody. i find such talks with aunt sue rather enjoyable.. even though there is so much that i wish i could talk to her about but can't due to the fact that she's my mum's sister and therefore most of the things i say will go back to mum. anyway, yes-such talks with aunt sue is really enjoyable. she points out things to me that are just sitting at the back of my brain waiting to be discovered. and today, i find this thoery of hers really true. its when we have expectations that we have disappointments. its an epiphany i'm telling you!


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