Wednesday, December 20, 2006

looks and all things material

if someone was to come up and tell you that looks and all things material does not count, its fucking bullshit.

if it REALLY did not matter, why are brands such as nike and apple thriving in this world today?

cos we consumers are willing to pay for the name. for the branding. and where does this all go to? the already overflowing pockets and bursting seams of the owners of the companies.

but don't get me wrong, in saying all this, i am not going to boycott these brands.

for i am just like you..we are all victims of society. just like every single one of you. bought over by intelligent branding and paying the price for having the goods. i have sold my soul to these giant oversized companies. just like every other one of you.

if looks did not matter, would there only be stick thin models with the best of clothes and latest hairstyles? if looks did not matter, would not so good looking people have to work that much harder in this world to gain recognition?

someone once told me "its okay.. you're pretty.. you don't have to work THAT hard.. you can use your looks to get you places"

is that what this world is all about? good looks and pretty clothes and expensive stuff? at the end of the day, does it really just boil down to that?

life's bullshit and fucking pathetic at times like this.

as for me, i'm going to do everything possible to ensure that operasi lose weight happens this year. i told you, i'm pathetic. not to mention vain. i mean hey.. if its my looks that is gonna get me places, why not take care of it, right?


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