Sunday, December 10, 2006


the most basic economic concept. scarcity. it is the idea that there are limited resources but unlimited wants. there are not enough resources to satisfy everyone's needs and wants.

thats right. its tis the season to be jolly again. not so much for our wallets though. checking out everyone's wishlist, and knowing that some of you guys have gotten me stuff is making me feel bad esp since i can't exactly afford christmas. i swear to god, i have to start saving properly come next year-so that i will have enough money to afford presents.

just got back from justin's graduation. it was a five hour ride to on friday immediately after my econs scholarship papers. saturday was the graduation. and today, it was another five hours back. i am dead tired right now but there is just so much to do...

today, its one of those days when i just feel like curling up under the duvet and shutting out the world. feeling emo as hell right now but no one is texting back except yi lin thankfully. sighh..


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