Wednesday, December 20, 2006

its raining men!

rain rain
go away
come again another day
rain rain
go away
yvonne wants to come out and play

for the record, it has not stopped raining for the last three days.
seriously.. talk about the weather being a wet blanket! can barely do anything..
even coming online is hard.. i don't wanna fry my modem for the second year in a row!
but yes. the rain is hampering all efforts and thoughts of wanting to leave the house for fear of getting drenched. and i am not joking-a two second leap in the rain left me soaked this morning on the way to driving theory.. so there. sucks!!!
and seriously, how is it that there is THAT much moisture up in the sky for it to be pouring pretty much cats and dogs for 72 hours straight?!?!?! this is unbelievable! its beyond me..


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