Tuesday, November 03, 2009

why is it...

...that the courier post guy can't come knocking at our door at a more earthly hour, of say 11am instead of 6.30 in the morning?

...that the courier post then proceed to look apologetic and start apologising profusely for waking you up while trying to show their little machine in your face to sign, whilst deep down inside, you know that he is thinking "hah! managed to wake another one up, sucker!"

...that you go "oh, don't worry about it, it's okay" after he apologises, instead of saying "oh bloody hell, can you not choose a better time to be delivering stuff, for fucks sake!"


Blogger Ceiridwen said...

Lol it is such a pain!!! I think they get forced to, not choose to..?

6/19/2010 9:20 pm  
Blogger Kylee Jo; said...


2/03/2011 10:44 am  
Anonymous Dan said...

The courier post guy would get a punch in the nose from me, waking me up at that hour.

4/15/2011 3:15 am  
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