Tuesday, August 22, 2006

legal studies in the library!

i just absolutely LOVE periods in the "learning labs"! i get to come online and do my stuff online.. the only thing is that emsn doesn't quite want to work.. oh wells.. i'll survive.. just need to update my blog.. hehe..
have got my econs test this friday.. which i absolutely need to study for..
then there's the stats test next thursday.. and yesterday, she dropped the bomb on us and said.. i want to check all your homework this friday since there is a test thursday. right.. i believe that would include chapter 8, 11, bits of 5, 6 and 7. a lil behind i know. but i'll cope..
not to mention calc.. im like so catching up on calc.. thankfully!
passed my recent legal studies internal..woohoo! the next one is an open book test.. then there is a seminar in term4 for law reforms.. oh shit.. hmm.. what else.. have to resit my last internal.. seriously very lazy.. but i want the goddamn credits!
english.. wide readin is due the week after.. research is due next week.. oh fuck... i thought research was due the week after! not good.. not good at all.. hmm..
in case any of you were wondering, i am not getting inked (tattoed) anytime soon.. or anytime in the near future.. the near future being until i am 21 of course.. but even if i was to get a tattoo then, it would be a small one! hehe.. mum doesn't even like the idea of those stick on tattoos.. imagine if i was to get a real one! she'd have a fit!!
as for my piercing.. well.. i'm gonna be getting it done this wednesday maybe? most probably ae.. just the second piercing on my left ear.. was thinking of gettin the cartiledge pierced as well.. but mum's not too happy bout that idea.. hmm... or my belly.. though both mum and vin said no to that.. mum was like.. what? your belly? but no one's gonna be able to see it! or you're gonna start wearing short tops and hipsters??? so ugly!!!! and vin was like... but that's so every other girl.. and you are anything but every other girl.. so yeah.. maybe not.. hmm..
hm.. i think if i was to write a book on "how to get in your ex's pants" it would look very much like a freaking encyclopaedia.
ok.. gotta go.. am the only one typing away in the whole room.. a lil suspicious no? but hey.. i HAVE done my research bit for this topic..
fifteen more minutes to lunch time.. yay!! but hmm.. had my lunch for breakfast.. really should stop doing that.. no money.. no food.. no bffs here.. sucks!
p.s. i have a vague memory of val ringing me up last night in the middle of the night.. wonder if that was me dreaming or if it was for real.. hmmm...


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