Sunday, February 05, 2006

lots and lots of pictures!

was at this place for dinner the other night called "lone star" quite a nice set up.. it was based on a red indian theme.. but no.. the food was western.. just of the better variety than the ones we get back home.. actually make that better x 100000000!

and as usual.. their portions are like so huge.. i have to skip starters in order to actually finish my main course then skip dessert altogether! unless i take a bite outta my cousin's.. and even then.. sometimes i DON'T finish my main course like in the pic above... twas just mash patatoes and lots and lots of vegetables.. eurgh..

through the grape vine.. literally.. maybe if you do a close up on the pic, you would be able to see some grapes hanging.. but they are still quite small.. can't wait till it ripens in time for wine brewing! yay! hahaha

this is a close up on the flowers from the pic below.. see the yellowish part surrounded by the red and purple ones? its actually made out of teeny itsy bitsy flowers from the pic above..

this one was taken in a park like thing called mona vale

i just <3 the sunlight streaming in from the top!

this is taken along the way after the gates of mona vale.. you drive through a stream with ducks in em.. punting is also done during spring and summer if im not wrong.. and on the other side of the stream is houses .. real houses which people own.. and live in!

see the house there? wish i own it! how nice it would be to walk out into my backyard and see a stream filled with ducks.. okay.. the stream part la.. not the duck part.. can't stand the ducks.. they chase innocent passer-bys whom hold food in their hands.. really! the last time i was holdin some bread a whole bunch of them was wadding after me!

another pic if the stream and the stupid ducks in them.. grrr..


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