Thursday, June 15, 2006

mood swings

my mood hasn't been that great off late.. i wonder why..
but anyways, good news.. i have laid off coffee (cold turkey style) for more than two weeks!
however, i have consumed that bar of kitkat chunky which was sitting on my study table for two weeks.. need to get more chocolate for emergencies.. like last night.. i soo needed a chocolate fix after stupid eng and calc was driving me up the wall.. but guess what.. the one time i really really really NEEDED chocolate was the one time there was not a single piece of chocolate in the entire house.. pathetic i know.. which is why i need to get a stash of chocolate JUST for emergency purposes.. ever ready.. if you get what i mean..
sorta counting down the days till i get back.. why the word sorta? simply because i have an unsurmountable amount of homework and assignments to get round before i get to fly back.. not exactly something i'm looking forward to... sighh.. maybe its the workload thats bringin about the mood swings ae.. on a slightly brighter note? i'm slowly but surely catching up on my calculus homework.. which i kinda neglected over the past two weeks..
have got my legal studies internal, my stats internal AND my english formal writing assessment.. totally sucks.. considering my eng teacher doesnt really like my style of writing.. she's gonna fail me i tell you!!! :'(
it snowed on monday.. so school was cancelled.. had a lil bit of fun playin in the snow with nicholas and ian.. after which i went over to yi lin's and we had heaps and heaps of fun building snowmans and having snow fights... after that we were just hanging around in her kitchen.. then her room.. goin through old magazines..
and last but definitely not least.. a very very very belated but nonetheless happy birthday to my bestie, stef who has just turned 18! all the best in your future endeavours sweetie.. know that no matter what, i will always be here for you.. love you lots and i can't wait to see you again..
guess thats bout it today.. i know i should be blogging a bit more.. but nyehh.. no mood.. sighhh


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