Friday, June 30, 2006

behold the return

okayy.. so its like wayy past my bedtime on either side of the world.. its 2am here and 6am back in kiwiland.. not sure how much i slept on the plane.. prob half the way? maybe that would explain why im still up here refusing to go to sleep.. though im due to wake up early and wait for celine so that we can head into school and rub it into some teacher's faces that we are doin well without them thank you very much!

but anyway people.. i am back in jb if you guys wanna meet up or something.. knowing that not many actually read my blog anyway.. but yeahh.. the girls are comin down next weekend.. something to look forward to =) but in the mean time, im gonna have to get started on my work as well ae.. sighh..

-missin you lots already and it has only been a day-


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